What? There's no Contrast Control?

I was sure there was a hidden control (Hold pedal in left hand, stand on right foot, touch your nose with your elbow while pressing button 1,2 5, and six for 2.37 seconds) for the display on the MIDI Maestro.

Was I wrong? This thing is not the most readable device I’ve ever used…


Not sure where you got the impression, but not to my knowledge

I would also say making this possible is not likely, given it is achievable somehow

I see possible cataract surgery in my future…MIDI Maestro Goggles like welders use might be needed…I tried taping paper over the screens but it did not help. If you guys sold a clip on UV attachment to reduce the brightness I’d buy one. Seriously.

Maybe something like this?

Or Light Dims?

Recommendation- Use Transparent Colored Tape to dim “too bright” LED lights:

I had an issue with some of the LEDs on my main pedalboard pedals and Road Rage loop switcher being far brighter than the others. On a few pedals, the LEDs wers so bright as to make me squint on a dark stage, and it made it dificult to see the other switches and pedals.

Solution: I ordered some Transparent Gray Vinyl Adhesive Tape online from Paper Street Plastics in Jackson, NJ, and used it to tone down the “too bright” lights.

Cut a little circle with a paper punch, peel the adhesive backing paper off, and stick the circle right on the LED. Instant LED dimming! Want to dim it more? Add a second (or third) layer until you tame the light to your liking. For LED bulbs that have more vertical height, cut a small square to overlap around it. I even tamed the info display lights on my Polytune 2 to my liking with the tape.

They make a variety of widths, so one could get one wide enough to tame a larger display window, I imagine.

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