What to do to start beats instantly after tapping?

Hi Dear friends,

I’m new player. I have tried to search forum but I didn’t find. For my situation is. Once I tap the tempo , I have to wait until the BB exit tapping mode , So I star to play the beats. But usually I tap the tempo 4 or 8 beat to let the BB detecting the tempo, then when I tap the 5th or the 9th beat I hope the beat start to play at the right time.
I mean when counting 1,2,3,4 the tempo is ready. The tap 5th, the beat should be start.
Do you guys know how do I get it work like that?

Thanks a lot

Set the CUE FILL to 0. That should do it.

Dear Phil, Thanks but that would not be my question.

Dear Developers:

I like the box very much, you did very great job for us!

The best way for tapping tempo should be : You tap the extended pedal for tempo, then tap the main pedal to start song. That will be best way to catch the right beat for musicians, I think.

Now the BB works like this, Once you enter the tapping tempo mode, all pedals are treated as counting. You have to wait until the BB exit tapping mode, Then you will be able to start your beat. There are about 2-3 seconds between the tapping and song start.

Please think about it for next upgrade.