What would be the consenus on intros?

To be more specific, how many users actually use intros at all?

I use them to help me start an Aeros loop in time if BB is master. When BB is slave, I turn intros off.

thanks. I am considering dropping them altogether.

I use intros all the time… some are count-ins more for me to just hear the tempo before I start playing along with the beat. In other cases, I program a whole drum section into the intro… not just a count in. This allows me to not have to worry about making a transition at the end of the intro into the first verse (especially if it’s a lead guitar intro). But I think the use of intros is completely up to each player and what they are comfortable with.


Intros have come to serve a wide range of functions. Not sure how many of the couple hundred songs on our set list now after almost 5 years have traditional intros (quite a few though). I love the dramatic intro we use on Sweet Melissa (I posted recently).

Each song and how you approach it may dictate leaving the ‘Intro’ slot blank (starting the verse dead on the pedal push or allowing a riff to crank a bit before joining in, e.g., Breakdown or Cripple Creek); using a count in as shawno814 indicated or plunking an entire OP package in the Intro slot with a null to end it (albeit with a button push to actually stop).