Whats is your opinion about the Ditto jam x2?


Like many of you, I’m thinking of buying a looper to use with my beatbuddy pedal.

In the forum, people recommend infinity or boomerang III, but they are really expensive (between 400 and 500 €).

Looking for alternatives, the ditto X4 looper is cheaper (€ 170), but in the forum, people notice that there are problems with synchronization (the X4 ditto synchronized by beats and not by bars).

So … surfing the web for other options, I’ve seen that the ditto jam X2 can be synchronized by the input sound jack … The cost is less than the infinity (€ 120 vs € 450). The only problem I’ve seen is that with the looper jam x2 you can not start and stop from the BB …

Do you think there could be more problems with Looper Jam x2 and BB?