What's new in firmware v1.9.2?

Just recieved my BB. Firmware shows v1.9.2, but latest download is v1.8.5. What’s new?

Versions >1.8.5 are pretty much still considered to be in beta.
Rather than a change log, I’ve included the new firmware settings file.

Thank you. When it becomes available, I’d be interested in a description of the new features/functions/fixes (not just midi related), available with the v1.92 firmware.

For instance, v1.92 seems to fix a bug I saw in the brief time playing with v1.85, where Triple Tap Stop didn’t work with low tempos < 59. Yes, I’m a practicing beginner. :slight_smile:

(I did just receive my BB, but originally had a new unit with v1.85 installed, which I had to return due to detached drum set and tempo knobs.)

I don’t think a document exists that consolidates all of the firmware changes. It would be nice, though.