What's the best way to back-up a Project in BB Manager?

I’m new to Beatbuddy, but have spent quite a while creating songs / set lits etc., for my band. I’d hate to lose it all, should my PC fail. Can anyone recommend the best way to back up all of my work from my PC to another device please?


The best way for a gigging musician is to have primary and backup SD cards.

You should also back up your project on your computer using the BBM > File > Save Project As and give it a new name in your workspace. Keep in mind that this backup project is now open and active in your BBM so I would suggest that you use the BBM File > Open Project to open your original project.

When you do it this way, you will have a primary and backup for your pedal and a primary and backup projects on your computer via your BBM.

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Perfect. Thanks for the swift reply, much appreciated.