Whats the deal??

I’v been scouring the forum for beats etc, but practically everything comes back with the “File not found” message. Is there another place to get beats and songs aside from here?

So here’s the deal http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-user-forum-error.8426/

I think you post this so often @persist i’m beginning to think it should be in the File Not Found error page itself!

You’re right. Based on a previous suggestion, I asked Singular Sound to figure out a way to add it the error message. Guess they couldn’t figure it out or couldn’t be bothered.

Thanks man.

I’ll ask irving about this - I think we’re not able to change it because the software the forum’s running on is old, and we’re too afraid to update it and lose files again… One of the items that I’m actively investing with Irving though.

This is what backups are for. Just saying.

It’s not a matter of backing up files, it’s a matter of migrating them. The concern is that updating or switching forum software will mean we can’t migrate over some important data such as user’s profiles and such.

I say update and all of us just rejoin the new and improved Forum. We can all contribute / upload what we have to the new resources.
Lets do a vote :slight_smile:

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I’m down to have a poll on the matter. Let me and Irving figure out all our options first, then we can post a poll later this week.