What's the easiest--but good--MIDI editing software to work with?

Hi Folks, Andy the Newbie again! I learning loads about the Beat Buddy thanks to all you! Now I need your recommendations about MIDI software for someone who knows NOTHING about MIDI! (I’m a guitarist for the last 40 years–what’s MIDI??? LMAO!),

Thank you for your constant help and patience!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Do you want to edit the midi files in the songs or midi command the BB?

There’s a free midi editor available on this forum called Beat Builder that works well. The beta BBManager has a built in editor that’s even better. Those will allow you to edit the midi song files.

Thank you, Rob22315!

…for both thoughts!!

I’m not sure WHAT I want to do! LOL!

I’m trying to 1) transpose the key of some songs graciously uploaded by the talented folks on this forum and 2) be able to create and edit my own songs and, hopefully one day, be able to be a contributing member of this forum.

Albeit, I am COMPLETELY ignorant about MIDI! But, I can certainly learn…it may just take me a while! LOL!

I have requested the Beta BBManger from Support. Hopefully, they will accommodate my request.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

MIDI in the BB are commands - small bits of info that tell the BB to do something. For the MIDI parts of the song files, those commands tell the BB to play pre-recorded snippets of drums at a certain time and volume. You can edit those by opening up the midi files for the loops, transitions, and fills associated with a BB song.

For features in the BB, those commands (aka MIDI-IN) tell the BB to start, stop, play fill, play transition etc. The features commands are generated externally to the BB by a midi controller. I just bought some hardware (puc+) and software (midipad) that allow my iPhone to command the BB.

The BB can also generate it’s own commands and control other devices by generating midi commands that align with events going on inside the BB - aka MIDI-OUT. I haven’t used this feature to date but it will allow external devices like loopers to stay in sync with the beat the BB is generating.

None of those commands support transposing pre-recorded tones. You have to ask the developers of those drum kits to provide the pre-recorded sounds in the alternate key or you have to get a (magical but some exist) digital signal processing box to do the transposition for your. The BB does not come with those features.

Hi Rob22315,

Another member said that I could perform transposition with REAPER?

Hi Andy. I use reaper and find it a great program to work with. I have some tutorials that you might find helpful. They are using free midi programs so anyone can have a go but the same principals apply when using reaper.



Yes, that software will turn your computer into a digital signal processor - and a lot more.

I have no issues using garage band on a mac to transpose, edit, and create new one push songs from raw midi files. One push songs that have been posted by others, however, exported out of BB, I have found with my tools anyhow, need to be first imported and exported into Aria Maetosa and then that exported midi file dropped/imported into GB. When you use GB there is an extra step of needing to save the track as a loop and then converting the AIF file to a midi file to import back into BB manager. There is a thread somewhere on this site that explains how to find and convert this aif file.

WOW! emacnevin, you just said a whole lot but to me it sounded just like Charlie Brown’s teacher! I am COMPLETELY ignorant about MIDI. I have absolutely no idea what any of what you said means. I guess in need the folks here to treat me like I’m in kindergarten and assume I know nothing…because I don’t! LOL! Thank you all for your patience and understanding!! :slight_smile:

I think you first need to know what you want to do and then find the info you require. Maybe just play around with the stock beats, get to know the BBs short comings for you and then ask how you can overcome them - anything more than just working in the BBM can and will most likely require lots of time editing midi data, what program you use for that is like asking what image editor should I use to edit a photograph. The list is huge and the price point varies widely. Not everything out there will work for you, some have large learning curves, some will do more than others, some features you will need some you won’t. As I say, first know what you want to do then try some of them out, most have demos or cut down versions. If you are new to Midi editing then maybe start with a simple program, but without knowing what you want to do it is very difficult to suggest one.

I downloaded the evaluation copy of Reaper but I could not begin to figure it out!
However, Guitar Stu is my new hero!! The free MIDIEditor suggested in the link he posted met all my (current) needs! It simple and easy and I’ve been transposing tunes all day! THIS ROCKS!! If I can figure out how, I will gratefully upload my transpositions of the songs I “stole” from the site already. Thank you SO MUCH for all your help, Folks! This is an amazingly helpful community! Much blessing to all!

It’s great you have found something that works for you, with all the programs out there finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack. :slight_smile: