When are they going to add Ballad tempos

I do guite a bit of slow tunes that require ballad tempos and the BeatBuddy has not have that good of any tempos for Ballads at all that sound any good. Im wondering if you’ll be adding a Ballad sectiion in the near future? Please let me know. Thanks

Have you tried slowing the tempo of some existing songs? We also have a lot of user generated songs here - just do a quick search - may be something will click for you!

Yes tried quite a few and find it hard to find good ballad tempos that I would use. Some of the tempos are close but no they are not your Ballard tempos it should been in the oldies section but not even close!!!

I Think I found one that my be close Blues 3-6/8 Drum set: Rock 108 BPM don’t sound that bad. Wish there were some more!!!
thanks. If you have some suggestoins please let me know thank you.

Check the simple beats under other beats.

Where is the simple beats you are talking about!!! Cannot find them in the folder list!!!

Cannot find the other beats to are talking about!!!i in the Folder list!!

The path is: Board Index/User Generated Content/Beats/Other Beats/Topic/Simple Beats.

Or click this

Download the Simple Beats.RAR, extract and import the folder to BB.

Does this rewrite all the beats in the BB Withe the simple beats that it over writes? For it is asking me to replace the files from Sept 28 14?

Or does it add the beats to the folder that I already have? Or do the simple beats delete the folder of beats and replace it with the simple beats thats what I am trying to find out!! Thank You please let me know!! also cannot install the last file cl1 I think?

Does in delete the folder in the BB and replace it with the simple folder thats what I am trying to find out!!! Also cannot download the C1a.sng folder wrong file for windows!!! won’t open. Thank you let me know

It shouldn’t, what is the Sept 28 14 folder. If you are worried export that folder and the reimport if it does overwrite it - which it shouldn’t.

I Draged the folders into the BB SD card Folder and did not work at all what am I doing wrong?

In BB mgr import the simple folder from the folder on the PC where you extracted it to. It will create a simple folder which has songs in it.

Then when you sync it will be on the pedal.

I also wish there were some Ballad tempos/some “slow song” arrangements.

I’ve had pretty good luck using Blues 1 and Blues 2 at slower tempos, 70-80BPM. Have you tried those?

I believe I have. I just purchased a bunch of files from Groove Monkey. I don’t want to rush to judgement but I have a ton of files which all sound the same except for minor nuances. I’m sure that is an oversimplification of the process. I think what I am finding out is how well put together the 200 songs in Beat Buddy is with all the verses and transitions. I am hoping that Beat Buddy will come up with more complete songs for more variety once they have the product established more which is obviously what they are focusing on. I just want more variety with complete songs. I know people are designing their own songs but they just seem kind of basic unlike the 200 that came with BB and how well they are done.

A Ballad beat is in the GrooveMonkee free BeatBuddy Country folder, under country beats.

Wonderful Tonight 100bpm