When I don't want to save, aeros save anyway even if I say NO

If I don’t want to save modifications, aeros save anyway even if I say NO

This is also on the top of my list. It’s a problem.

Hey there,

I’m assuming you are reporting the save request when you leave the loop studio to go to the main menu, this is an extraneous save request that is not meant to allow a user to go back to last saved version.

Currently, in order to open a track to it’s last saved version you must open another song/create a new song and then go back to the song you wanted the last saved version of.

We have not fixed it because although confusing, it does not actually destroy any content, but we are planning on fixing it very soon.

Let me know if I am incorrect about the save request you’re talking about or if I’m missing another case where this happens, thank you for your feedback!

Hi Brennan,

Yes it’s when I want to quit a song, Aeros propose to save yes or no, but when I do mistakes, erase tracks or change some values than I don’t want to save, no choice it always save…


Like I brought up before, there is no way to return the Aeros song to previous saved version unless you select and open another song and then re-open the song without saving.

Clearing tracks is not an undoable action. If you save a song and then delete the song, this deletes the tracks available on the internal memory/SD permanently.

We can definitely look into creating a revert to saved option, if you don’t find a feature request on this, feel free to make one, thank you!