When in song/folder selection mode use left/right buttons for navigation

BB can assign the external footswitches when stopped to Song Advance or Back.

This request is to always use the external buttons to navigate songs/folders when the BB obn the song/folder selection screen. The idea is that when we are selecting a song usually there’s need of the external footswitches for anything else. Think of this footswitch assignment as “Goto Song Select” with the behavior of the footswitches mapped to advance/back (and hold to enter/leave) automatically until you get out of song selection mode.

Suspect this will be better for pretty much everyone, but make it an option to keep the current behavior if that’s important.

Why this is better than assigning both switches to advance/back? It’s nice to navigate with both buttons, but you only need one button mapped to get get into that mode. So you can assign one of the buttons to something else when stopped (when not in song selection mode) … for example the accent hit.

I think this option is already present in the bb, the external switches can go up and down through the songlist when the bb is not playing a song.

Yes it is. I didn’t explain the request well, but when stopped, I wanted one button assigned to accent and another assigned to song select.

It’s only after I’m in song select that I want both buttons to be mapped to up and down. Outside of song select I want to be able to use the button for accent.

Noted! Thanks for the input