When posting on forum, why do some things get dealt with on the forum and others by support?

Why is it that when someone has an issue with an SS product such as Jojosmusic’s has or similar, it’s often referred to reaching out to support@singularsound via email, rather than keeping the discussion public on this forum and perhaps in the process helping someone else with the same or similar issue? I do commend SS for their availability compared to other companies, but I thought much of the purpose and reason for this forum was to help users with problems in an open and direct way. Is it the intention of the email support to setup a support phone call (which could present problems for some people)?

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Hey there,

I moved your post from the original location because it was not relevant to OP any more.

We try our best to be as helpful as possible on here but Persist and I are the only SS mods that check the forum and maintain it, it’s quite a bit of work. I am not Support, exactly, it’s usually best to forward things to them.

I try my best to provide solutions based on factual information, I can’t accommodate for all troubleshooting or issues, sometimes 1 on 1 help is much better and clearer and this is the directive I have from support :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question!