When the Levee Breaks

Didn’t see this had been done by anyone yet and it has a great harp part besides the typically awesome drums.


Although this is an OPB version, was something this what you had in mind?

If not, I’ll take a swing at it. I have a source file with harmonica.

Thanks as always. If you can capture the harp that would be greatly appreciated. Always liked the Zepplin version. I think it can be done well by our trio and will go over well live as a OPBK. We don’t need to completely replicate the lead vocal (nor could we) but we do need the ‘signature’ parts. It may be another of what I’ve taken to calling ‘red songs’ on our list - uptempo recognizable - as opposed to ‘black songs’ maybe we like to play but aren’t going to take people away from their beer focus.

As much as I would rather not carry another guitar for tunings or take time on stage to re(de)tune it appears from this very nice video Levee needs to be G tuning dropped a step? (CFCFAC)

Any thoughts are always appreciated. It does sound pretty cool this way even without a slide.

Done http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/when-the-levee-breaks-dop-opb-opbharmonica.3195/

Cheat sheet included for drop tuning