When using subwoofer which drum 'parts' stay with L/R PA split and which with mono subwoofer?

Very pleased with the stereo output especially through a stereo volume pedal. We want to push the bass through a subwoofer (we now roll off from 100Hz down coming out of the mixer). What effect will that have on the apparent spread of BB output? Which drum ‘sounds’ pan hard left/right as they do now above the 100Hz xover and which appear only through the subwoofer?

I wouldn’t worry too much - it is very hard for listeners to detect the location of low Bass frequency below 200Hz .

The output to the Subwoofer should be summed L-R < 100Hz.

[SIZE=3]Evaluation for low frequencies[/SIZE]
For frequencies below 800 Hz, the dimensions of the head (ear distance 21.5 cm, corresponding to an interaural time delay of 625 µs) are smaller than the half wavelength of the sound waves. So the auditory system can determine phase delays between both ears without confusion. Interaural level differences are very low in this frequency range, especially below about 200 Hz, so a precise evaluation of the input direction is nearly impossible on the basis of level differences alone. As the frequency drops below 80 Hz it becomes difficult or impossible to use either time difference or level difference to determine a sound’s lateral source, because the phase difference between the ears becomes too small for a directional evaluation

Thank you! Brilliant, lucid bit of writing. Perhaps appreciated even more since I’ve spent my life in analytical science pursuing precision as well as understanding (some argument about how successfully…)


I should have cited wiki for the "[SIZE=3]Evaluation for low frequencies" [/SIZE] paragraph

Well done. But the brilliant part (as in science) is knowing where to look…

i dont understand your problem exactly?
I separated drums and bass (left output channel drums and right channe bass) and its great.
For this you have to edit the drumkit. I did this for 3 drumkits and its working fine. With this i can handle bass and drums separetely in my mixer. If you are intrested in this i can give you the drumkits.


Hi Werner - my question was more trying to learn what effect high pass filtering might have. I have been using BB in stereo and very happy with the spread of the kit. IN our group bass is live played through the mixer into the PA. The EV subwoofer we will employ has a 100Hz crossover so the higher frequency parts of the kit are unaffected but I was curious what to expect (if anything noticeable) other than a ‘punchier’ bass output for the kick drum.

okay now i understand it

Followup: Hooked up the subwoofer (its an EV ZXa1 to pair with the EV tops of the same model) and crosses over at 100 Hz. There is very little of anything useful that comes through from BB below 100Hz. Answer: don’t worry about it. Bass on the other hand is rounded out nicely - harmonics and definition coming from the tops and the brute force of lower waveforms is now unloaded from them.