When will the BeatBuddy library be open?

When is the song library to open

Good question! I’ve been wondering about that myself.


it´s open now!!


I doubt it very much - there will be an announcement when it is!

I’m pretty stoked! I just purchased and downloaded 4 new Beats Styles and 2 new Drum Sets from the new MyBeatBuddy Library. This is gonna make gigging as a single or duo even easier and definitely more fun.

My only negative comment is that I never got an email telling me about this new feature. I found it by accident just because I go to the site every couple of days to see if there’s any changes or updates. Hopefully I’m on the correct mailing list now to be notified in the future when there are significant updates or download opportunities.

Having said all of that. Thank-you so much BeatBuddy for following through on the incredible music potential of this ground breaking and game changing device.

I’m thinking that I need to change the name of my group from “MPG” to “The Clichés” :wink:

There is someone here who was not so fortunate and bought one of the downloads and got nothing - I really would advise not to buy anything from the site until it is officially released.

I appreciate your concern but, I’m sure that BeatBuddy will make good for whomever paid but was unsuccessful downloading the content.

I downloaded 4 beat collections and 2 drum sets with zero issues.

However, I did email support today concerning the lack of any update emails concerning new Firmware, updates to BBManager. I signed up for the mailing list several months ago, joined the User Forum, Registered my BeatBuddy when I received it and still have never received an email announcement concerning software or firmware updates not to mention the availablility of what I purchased yesterday.

So, until I start receiving email announcements from BeatBuddy, I’ll just continue to check out the site almost everyday and be very happy when I find new content and updates etc.

“But I mean it in a good way!”

The library is open and all the content is available. We just have not made an official announcement yet.

Regarding the person who made a purchase but did not receive anything, he was actually one of about ten purchases made the first day we opened the library. There was an issue of there being no download link to the purchases made on that first day. We immediately took notice of this bug, and we fixed it.

The library is open and fully functional. :slight_smile:

Okay, but how do you get to it??

Never mind, I just saw the link above…I don’t see any rock beats, though - only soft stuff… :eek:

That is because there is plenty of “rock stuff” in the stock beats. I am sure eventually there will be more, however people have been requesting simpler and quieter beats for a long time now.

okay, that makes sense… I’m having a bit of a challenge getting started. I got mine second-hand and it didn’t come with any cables. I want to run it straight into the mixer and don’t want my guitar in that loop so do I just cable the BB and the footswitch (it’s a Hosa, not a BB) together with a TRS and then run an XLR from the BB (L mono) into the mixer? Does the cable from the BB into the mixer need to be a TRS?

Before Singular Sound decided to make their own pedal they used a Hosa during the demo videos, so that will work fine. Some external pedals come with cables if the Hosa doesn’t then connect it to the BB using a short TRS - I’m currently using a patch cable as the BB one broke and I could be bothered asking for another.

You just want a mono jack (or two for stereo) and connect that to your amp or mixer. The BB is line level so you don’t want to plug it into a microphone socket if you can help it.

See, this is why I’ve avoided getting one of these until now - all the tech stuff makes me nuts! I’ve attached a shot of the back of my mixer - can you tell me where to plug this in? I tried plugging it into the XLR on 11 but the sound was really muffled and only coming out of the left speakers. Then, after reading your post, I tried using a different cable and connected it to 13L with the same result. Very frustrating…!

Really, and you have a 16 channel mixer, the Beatbuddy is simple compared to that.
First question, do you want it in stereo? If so you will need two channels e.g 13 & 14. If you just want mono then you can use either, just make sure the Pan setting are in the centre. Also ensure all your EQs are neutral and centred, you can always adjust that later. Adjust the volume if the input is clipping (going into the red) then turn down the input gain or turn down the Volume on the BB, if it is too quiet turn it up.

Yes, 16 channels and I’m always lost on how to manage it… here’s a stupid question: what are pan settings? Also, for stereo will I then need two cables or can I use a split one with two ends? Last, the sound is completely muffled - I must be doing something wrong but don’t know what…

Panning = left & right balance, you can pan left or right or centre. It is used to position sound is a stereo mix. Looking at an image of your mixer it is the red knob. 13 & 14 are stereo input channels as are 15 & 16 these also don’t appear to have any gain controls and are designed for stereo sources e.g CD players. I would use 9/10 or 11/12 for stereo and 8 for mono as all these channels include a gain knob.
For Stereo you will need two mono cables, one for left the other for right. In a stereo setup up the left channel is panned left and the right channel is panned right. Also make sure your group output settings are correct.

Thanks for your help; still don’t know what the heck I’m doing but we’ll see how it goes…

I just bought Ballad beats, Ballad drum set, Phil Colins Drums Set, Gig Basics beats, and Beat Elements beats. The price goes down as you buy more! That all cost me $20… After an initial playing-with, I think it’s got some nice potential once you factor in changing tempos and drumsets. The Ballad beats even sound great sped up a little and with other sets.