Whenever Beat Buddy transitions, it turns InputFX1 on/off in Quantiloop

Whenever I do a transition, it also turns InputFX1 on. If I transition again, it turns InputFX1 off again.

It does the same thing when using the footswitch on the pedal itself, using the BeatBuddy button in Quantiloop, or triggering it from my midi controller…

I must be a midi signal that the beatbuddy is sending out to Quantiloop, but I’m really stumped here.

Whenever BB transitions to the next part it sends out a MIDI CC 102 at the end of the transition. There was a bug, now fixed in firmware 3.9.9, that always sent it on channel 1. So first check your firmware is up to date. If you don’t need to use this feature at all you can switch it off in the BeatBuddy (Main Pedal/Midi Settings/Midi OUT/Next Part).

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Thanks! I had Input FX1 set to CC 102, so just changed that.

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