Where are stick counts (instead of these drum intros)?

These intros sound good for certain songs, but I am finding some of these intros just sound forced and out of place on some songs, -especially on songs where tempo is dialed down some. Is there just a simple stick count option somewhere without having to use one of the intros? In other words, stick …stick, …stick …stick (then band/song starts) …Thanks. :slight_smile:

Make sure you have firmware 1.41 - and from the settings menu on the BeatBuddy (press ‘tempo’ and ‘drum set’ knobs down at the same time), select this setting: Main Pedal > Intro > Count in

1234 COUNT -IN

Yes, firmware update was the answer to allow the countin, …thank you !!

…and thanks Mike OC for the link, I will work with that too :slight_smile:

It would be great if the intro can be made to loop like a main verse does, and second press would bring on the first verse. Or the intro can continue to loop while the pedal is held down.

Make the intro as many beats as you want up to 500 in the beat builder and then it will go to the main verse.

This works if you know exactly when you want to go to the main verse. You have to be counting. The beauty of the BB is the control and flexibility given to the user.
The flexibility given in the BB verses, choruses, fills, transitions, should also extend to the Intro.

Make the first verse the intro and will loop forever then you can transition to the 2nd verse and so on.

Mike, not if you don’t want to come back to the Intro again, but only want the first verse to be repeated later. For instance, the Intro can be just sticks or rim shots that you want to keep going as long as you like, before going into the first verse, and you don’t want to come back to the Intro again during the song.
Many life worship songs can use this format with a quiet first verse (where you can use the BB Intro), then go into a heavier first verse (using the BB verse + fills), followed by transiting to a Chorus (+ fills), then transit back to first verse ( but not the BB Intro), so on.

The only way would be to program all your parts as you want it to play, but that does not give you the flexibility - as a feature request add the ability to have building blocks and sections (intro, ending or part) for songs and be able able to flag them as loop or straight and have the ability to arrange them as we feel fit. Then you could have a stick intro going into a straight fill then a loop, finally transition into the verse. so the intro would never repeat as those parts were all in the intro section - it would give a lot more flexibility.

go on your bb and press drumset button and tempo button down at the same time. It will take you to settings. Go down to main pedal and tap right arrow. it will take you to intro, tap right arrow again. you should be able to figure out rest. hope this helps.

Hi there! Thanks for the tips, bbuddies, but seems both universal count in and midi count-in-intro-fill options miss the song’s beginning accent hit (crassshhh). It still DOES COME with song-spesific drum fills. I was eager to edit the midi-count-in to add it but didn’t get it work.

Can it be done? If, how? Or should this be added to future release suggestions? I just think count-in and crash belong together! :slight_smile:

Anyhoow, big thank you for the mighty product and all implementations and updates!! <3

Okay I found it hidden in the last tick no 1920. Actually it is unreachable with your cursor unless you change the midi file length to 2 staves for the editing. …