Where are the 200 songs?

It’s Christmas and there will be a lot of newbies (like me) that want to know. Thanks



Which 200 songs are you referring to?

All the ads and youtube reviews say it comes with 200 songs "out of the box "

Second question - I followed the link provided by Persist (thanks), and found some songs that failed but I did find some good ones but they do not have a .PBF file , they have .SNG . Can I still use the BeatBuddy manager to import these .SNG files ?

Might want to follow the tutorials if you haven’t done so yet. Make sure you’ve set your workspace location using the Tools menu.

It sounds like you’ve not loaded the contents from the SD card into the BB Manager (BBM). You do so from the BBM by File > Open > Project and navigate to your SD card and follow the prompts to save to computer and synchronize from the BBM to your SD card.

Yes, you can use the BBM to import individual songs instead of folders (pbf).

So yeah, the 200 songs are the things that come with the pedal default content. Like Rock 1, Rock 2, Metal 1, Metal 2, etc.

Ok, so I understand now that Beat Buddy calls “songs” what I would call “grooves” or samples… So I purchased some songs… The Beatles collection. I downloaded, imported, etc… All OK… Question is , how do I make it play Ticket to Ride. I start it. It tells me I have 11 parts, so I assume I could transition through them… Although I am not sure they are in the correct playing order. How do I get it to just play “Ticket to Ride”, which is about a 3 minute song, from start to finish ? (again, I am sure these questions will be useful to other newbies) Thanks

I don’t think the Premium beats are one-press songs. Ticket to Ride is not a one-press song, if that’s what you’re looking for. With the exception of the Intro, each Main Drum Loop section loops until you press or hold the main switch to advance to the next section or press/slight hold of the main switch to transition to the next Main Drum Loop. Takes practice on the timing.

Again, here’s not the answer you want, but it’s the answer.


I highly recommend you download Phil’s Beatles folder.


You’l have to find the required drum kits on the forum, but you will get a whole bunch of really good Beatles one press songs.

You also might want to invest some of YOUR time lurking in the forum and reading the various threads. The Singular Sound tutorials and the comments of many that have been in your shoes will help.