Where are the beat Midi files on my SD card?


Just got my pedal a couple days ago and I LOVE it. For some reason, though I can’t find the beat (midi) files on my SD card. They are obviously there because the thing plays, but I don’t know where. Before I got my pedal, I had already downloaded and installed the manager software, and the SD card files on the website, which included a folder called “MIDI loops - content 1.2” - but there is no such folders on my SD card. The problem is that if I want to change around songs - say delete the intro from a song and add another - I can’t find the beats on the SD card to insert into that song part. Please help - I do love the pedal!

On a related note, I’ve downloaded a bunch of songs already from the forum (thanks, especially to Charles Spencer - great stuff dude!) - so where are those beats stored? I’d like to use the intro from the Box of Rain song that was uploaded, but I don’t know how to get to it.


Starting in reverse - Use the Manager to create a new folder for all your “custom” songs. I call mine “Custom.” Then import the songs (.sng files) into that folder. Then either Syncronize Project, or Export Project to your BeatBuddy (or SD card if it’s inserted in the computer)

The midi files (in .mid format) are not stored on the SD card, because the BeatBuddy hardware does not use them. The hardware requires the proprietary ,BBS files. The conversion is done with the Manager software.

Of course as I type this, all this is probably changing since one of the most requested features is the addition of a MIDI editor in the Manager software.


Okay - so how do I get to the Box of Rain intro to use it in other songs? Example - I have modified the Rock 9 song to use with Where the Streets Have No Name - I’ve exported it, then imported it into my personal set folder that I created. Now I want to take the Intro fill out - easy enough to do, just click the x and bye bye - and I want to add the intro from Box of Rain, which is also downloaded. I click on the now empty download fill, and a box pops up that wants a Midi file - but I can’t find it.


This is where I’m hung up also. almost impossible to find a beat from the 200 songs that match my oldies songs with, so It’s apparent to me that if I’m to use this drum machine i am going to have to build my own beats. I think there are enough existing parts ( midi files) that I can build my own songs from without having to bring in midi files from an outside source, but like you I can’t find the existing midi files.


If you successfully installed everything from the installer, you can simply press on the song part in the BBManager, and corresponding MIDI file should be automatically found for you on your computer.

Other approach - is to check the content of “MIDI loops - content 1.2” folder right on SD card that was shipped with your BeatBuddy.


Not sure what you mean about pressing the part and having the midi file be automatically found on my computer - automatically found where, where is this shown?

As for the second part, as I said, there is no visible Midi file folder on my SD card - I do have the one from when I downloaded the SD backup files from the website, but there is no such folder on my SD card - at least not that’s visible


Then just copy that directory with MIDI files from the SD card archive to your actual SD card if you need them, and call it a day.


Wow, that was incredibly condescending. Obviously 1) I know how to click on something - when I did, nothing friggin happened; 2) No duh I can copy the Midi files from the website download, I already have been doing that. That doesn’t do ANYTHING to answer my question about how I can get to beats from outside song downloads (i.e. all the songs I’ve downloaded from the beats forum on this website). Obviously these beats are on the SD card somewhere, why not make them locate-able?