Where are the steps to install and configure BeatBuddy Manager for the first time?

I needed to rebuild my computer and need to re-installed and configure the BeatBuddy Manager again. Where are those step by step instructions please?

Actually, I think I was able to set it up however, I want it to be a completely clean install with non of my previous content (which was totally whacked).

When I launched BeatBuddy Manager it prompted me for a Workspace. I created new blank Workspace, completely different name than what I had previously and for whatever reason BeatBuddy Manager populated it with all my previous content? How does that happen?

How do I set up a CLEAN installation of this software?

Go to Tools > Set Workspace Location and put in Documents. Then File > Open Project and select your saved project if you have one, and if not select your SD card.

It should be as simple as that. If not, please email me at support@singularsound.com and we will set up a phone support session.

Also, check out the video tutorials here: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/bbmanager-1-64-video-tutorials.6431/

I’ve just followed the same instructions and the darn thing pulled up EVERYTHING again ! I managed to format the SD Card and copy the recovery files to it and the actual pedal is now working like new - great ! I’ve messed up the accent beats - dozens of 'em, so was hoping to clear the lot globally. I just don’t like the A Custom cymbals provided as default. I’ve tried K Custom Hybrid, K series, A series regular, Paiste Signature crashes, but I just can’t get the volume level right and balanced in the wav files. Oh well, back to what I don’t really like.

Got your email. I responded.

I just tried to read the Manual. In “Table of contents” you say that there is a number 7 (Midi sync) and 8. These numbers are simply missing.!!
After 6. there comes 9.This is useless and frustrating!

Top of p39: “MIDI Messages - Please refer to our MIDI manual.”

Download the MIDI Settings guide, also on the same page as where you found the BeatBuddy Manual.

Instead of being so quick to criticize, slow down and read.

I simply informed you that two chapters of your manual are missing. And you seem to find it natural and tell me to look in another place?
I think YOU should say: “Oh, sorry! There is a mistake in the manual. Thanks for telling us. We’ll fix that.”
That would be polite.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.