Where have all the songs gone

Im just getting back to using my BB and so it needed a bit of updating. alls fine , im up to date software wise . Even bought a new pack from the premium beats but i wiped the SD card to start a fresh thinking i could just get all the songs back i once had from the user generated content around 3 years ago.
Am i missing some thing? . I had songs like The kinks … in the summertime ,one press and an excellent version of Ticket to ride one press . Just cant find them … is there an Archive somewhere
appreciate any links/ help
thanks Nick

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If you built those songs using BBM, they should be on your PC, both as song files and as a Project (song list). Try File >> Import, and that should take you to wherever you’re storing your song files; File >> Open Project should take you to the Projects.

Good luck, let us know how that works out.

Thanks for the reply. That’s possible but I think that copy of BBM disappeared with an old laptop.
Will check when back at work.
I do remember though, at one time I think there were two associated website s . One was singular sound and there was another both with uploaded content from users having .song files
Could be wrong :joy: though

Assuming you installed the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) correctly on your old laptop, your songs, folders and drum sets would have been on that laptop’s bbworkspace folder. So unless you had another copy of that project on a different SD card than what you’re using now, that content is most likely gone.

The legacy website bit the dust and Singular Sound has not restored it. Most of the content from that site has been migrated to this site (with the exception of the content that was lost when they had a server failure in 11/17). If there’s user-created content you are looking for, use this forum’s search function. If they were songs created by Phil (not Flood), they are still available as BeatBuddy (BB) formatted folders.