where I can find useful information on how to take advantage of midi?

I am a total new user of both the BeatBuddy and by extension, MIDI. From the conversations around these forums, I gather that being Midi capable, a world of usefulness is available. Can someone direct me to where I can find useful information on how to take advantage of midi?

Welcome erat999. A primer to help you: http://tweakheadz.com/how-to-get-started-with-midi-and-the-difference-between-midi-and-audio-is-explained-along-with-many-other-core-concepts-for-building-a-home-recording-studio/

The link will provide some of the basics and help you decide if you want to continue on your quest for programming midi for BeatBuddy drums. There are several midi-experienced users on this forum that freely share not only the songs they have tweaked, but also the knowledge they have. Some folks just want to use the drums to play music and don’t need nor want to spend the time learning midi. Other musicians really enjoy the control that midi offers them both in writing/editing drums and in performing.

Suggest you first learn as much as you can about the BeatBuddy (pedal and the BeatBuddy Manager–and perhaps BeatBuilder) and once you have this under your belt, start to dig deeper into the midi aspects of building and tweaking songs. If you find out that you really like doing this (it’s not for everybody), you’ll probably need more powerful tools (DAW) such as Reaper, CakeWalk, Ableton, etc.

Still have yet to find anyone to show how beat buddy works with midi to just record midi notes in DAW. Mine is cubase and nothing in my experience using other pedals and instruments to get midi notes has worked. Please help if you can.