Where is the phone contact for customer support?

Surely there is a someone to communicate with and not have to wait for replies on forum… Send info please


Phone number?

E-mail them and ask them to call you.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I still consider this a Kickstarter project. It seems that most of the anger about this product is that people expect it to be a Line6 product, or a Boss product, or a Gibson product, where they have 100s of people involved in tech support, and product advancement etc.

Maybe it’s an issue with marketing, and people buying through Sweetwater, etc, not knowing it’s a Kickstarter product, and expecting a perfect everything. Maybe people need to know that this is a really really oool product but a work in progress with a small team.

If people knew that before they bought, would that impact their purchase decision? I doubt it, but I definitely think it would affect their post-purchase expectation.