Where the bass?

hello everyone,

just loving all that can be accomplished with the BB and BBM.

I downloaded Who’ll stop the rain with bass. I imported it into the BBM and selected the correct bass and drum kit, works great and I can hear the bass. very cool.

however, if I select for example, the verse section of this song, right click it, and export midi so I can pull it into LPX, the drum midi is there but the bass guitar midi is not.

what have I done wrong?

You didn’t do anything wrong. The bass and drums are both in the same midi track. The drumkit contains the different sounds. It works as if each bass note were a separate piece within the drum kit. Within drum kits, the bass is normally found in either midi spaces 0-31, or 62-91. If you double click on the kit name in the BB Manager drum kits list, the kit will open in an editor window, and you can see how it is constructed.