Where to find the groovemonkey things on the download

just wanting to make sure that they are there.

Wait if you want to buy, it’s regulary on sale

just bought the premium content package with groove monkey, and I cant seem to find where it is located, within the 1 gig file i downloaded, after i have placed this on a card. I see the other premium content… but wanted to know what folders it is located in, so I can verify that I have those folders

I have some Groovemonkee packs
And you need to unzip >navigate to the folder>go to other midi mapping>open the folder>and locate the name of the folder ending with BB>open the folder and import the pbf inside the folder ending with PBF

these are supposed to be part of the sc card image i downloaded, i thought… I dont find any extra directories to import from.

Maybe you import it inside another BB song folder!
make a screenshot of the downloaded pack, and post it
All the groovemonkee folder begin with “GM”

o.k. looks like i may of gottten the wrong download.
there is nothing that starts with a GM here.

would you expect that the beat buddy premium package plus groove monkey is in excess of a 1 gig download?

to be clear we are talking about this.

the one with the groove monkey content.

That content does not appear to be in the download that I recieved.

what kind of download you get? Is it a files? A zip ?

Take a look of your Sdcard capacity is it full or enough space ?

was a zip file…
with the same file layout as you would see on the card itself.
ie. no .pbf file just the normal directories and song files.

the card is 32 gig, and there is nothing else on it.

What’s inside the directory?
Do you have something like this :

directories named
hash.bcf - this is a file
Premium Library Complete Collection (BeatBuddy Project file. )

Take a look here , must be the same for Groovemonkee

well tis all one file… the premium content is working, thats how i can tell you i cant find the groove monkey files. I.e. there is nothing left to import.

Check that you downloaded the correct file, for example, it would be named something like this: Premium_Library_Complete_Collection_2021%2BGroove_Monkee-April_Update.zip and it will include Groove Monkee in the name of the file. The zipped file size should be about 1.11Gb and the unzipped project should be 2.13Gb

If you downloaded the wrong file, you should contact Support, support@singularsound.com

Assuming you have the correct file and a complete and uncorrupted download, the Groove Monkee content displays like this in the BBM:
Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 5.20.46 PM

If you are sure you have the correct premium library content file, you might want to try downloading it again. Make sure you unzip and install it according to the instructions provided in the tutorials. Your problem could be:

  • downloaded the wrong file (doubtful but anything’s possible with the ongoing Singular Sound host migration); contact Support, support@singularsound.com for help
  • downloaded an incomplete or corrupt file; try downloading again
  • installed it incorrectly; try installing it again
  • did not open the new project in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM); use the BBM - File - Open Project and navigate to your bbworkspace folder/user_lib/projects project name
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o.k. it is the wrong file. i have none of those, and the file is not named as you say it should nor is it the right size.
therefore I have contacted support.

Thanks for clearing it up.

Was suspected you got the wrong download :grinning:
Like a sayed you need folders with GM at the begin

I have recieved a new link and the files are in the new link.

Thanks to everybody who assisted…
It is quite likely this issue would not of occurred had I been a bit more patient.