Where to place the ride

When working on a new beat I would usually just move hi hats to ride for the chorus with 8th note feel. Its getting a bit boring though.I found maybe adding the ride bell at same time as kick and ride normal on snare makes a nice change.Are there any drummers out there with helpful hints on how to make the ride feel more interesting than just 8th note feel?

When I use a ride, I’ll sometimes add a bell as a polyrhythm like “tap ta-tap tap” on the off beat. Listen to bands like Our Lady Peace to get a feel for what I’m talking about. But yeah, a little off-beat bell can really spice up a ride line.

Alternatively, if you keep the 1/8th rhythm, you could vary the velocity of the hits on the ride to give you more interest.

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Hi Milford yes I do vary the velocity by almost halving the 8th note beat and using the bell on the first beat and normal ride on next beat .I will try perhaps making the velocity variation more random . Thanks for you advice cheers

Cheers thanks for that advice