Where's the Ludwig w/Bass kit?

I looked and searched but can’t find it?
Thank you in advance!

Hey Andy, contact @Phil

I use that kit and the Standard Pro for almost all my songs, really like how they sound. You’ll just have to show proof (screenshot) that you have a legal copy of the drum kit.

I’m also confused about “with bass” tracks. I purchased several premier drum kits, beats, and song bundles.

I downloaded lots of .sng from resources and none have bass audible through BB.

To whom do we prove we did so?
Is there a setting adjustment I missed?
I haven’t heard a bass note yet…

Thank you.

Go to Resources and download some of the drum sets with bass; install and load the new drum sets. Usually the songs with bass state which kit they were made with so you might want to start with those kits. Also be sure to switch to that drum set for the song you want to play in BBM.

Sorry, I didn’t know there were “illegal” kits. All the ones I have either came with BB our I downloaded them from here.

Hi Andy F. I don’t think there are illegal kits. The Vintage Ludwig kit is available from the premium library for a very fair price. A forum member bought a copy and modified the kit by adding bass notes. He has generously shared that kit modified with bass with users that can show proof of purchase of the Ludwig kit. I’ve started a Conversation with with you . . . .

Hi! I bought The Vintage Ludwig kit and Standard pro kit, so to whom i do prove it?
I tried StandardPBass kit, but no bass line. Also i have problems with Rock2, Rock3+bass, SuperBassG, NP Brushes Bass, NP SuperBassG…generaly all with bass does not sound right unless first Rock with Bass!?
Thank you in advance!

I apologize if I do not ask the question in the right place, but one more thing… i have issues like this:


if you can help me with this, I would be very grateful.

Hi zleee, just start a conversation with @Phil and ask him. He’s a really nice guy. As far as the error message I’ve seen that explained in another thread. It’s annoying but not a big deal.

I’m new at this too but one more thing since you say you’re not hearing bass from the drumsets you’ve downloaded, are you sure the song(s) actually have a bass part? If so are you activating your drumsets in the Drum Set tab in BBManager? To activate you just click on the check box for the drumset you want. Once you activate it it’ll show up in the Default Drum Set list drop down menu for any song you have in BBMgr.

Thx Raymond! I know all that, and that’s why I have a problem :))

Hi, zleee, which version of the BBM are you using and which action were you trying to perform when you got the error message displayed in post #8?

Hi persist. I use BBM I have error message when i Sync Project with BB pedal. Than i just click OK and i guess it skips that task or what. But but if i sync more songs then I have more of such errors. Now I saw a new firmware and BBM.

Hi, zleee. I’m away from my computer. Not sure the new versions will help you as it sounds like you might have a procedural error. Although I would not rule out a bug, perhaps @BeatBuddy Support can help you out.

Yes, I’ve had the same error and with the older versions. Ok, thx.

Who can I contact to get the Bass for the Ludwig Drum set?.. I have the Ludwig drum set but not the bass notes…Thanks.

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