Which are the start/stop and tap tempo midi commands I must send from an external midi controller?

Hi there

I am using the Livid GuitarWing as a wireless controller for BeatBuddy via a Kenton midi host.
I was able to map some of the buttons to different instruments - now I want to control midi start/stop and tap tempo.
The BeatBuddy pedal is syncronized with eg the BOSS rc-300 and Arturia BeatStep (step seqencer and controller) without any problems.
If I change tempo on those controllers BeatBuddy syncronizes well.

Can you please tell me what midi commands I should use to be able to send midi start/stop and tap tempo messages to the BeatBuddy pedal from my GuitarWing controller??
Is it possible to setup other commands as well - like advance songs, fills etc … ?

Should I ask for help in the Livid GuitarWing forums instead?

Cheers Måns (Danish guitarist)


you can use Midi start(and stop-)-command, this are standart-commands, no other Midi-commands are contingent:((ATM)…
BB also recognizes Midi clock but TapTempo will only work if your Controller has a Midi clock (so you can Tap Tempo on Controller and Controller sends the tapped Midi clock-tempo to BB), or with other devices connected to BB (the devices have to send Midi clock signal), or on the BB pedal as well…

I was asking for Midi ability since I have my BB and it was mentioned, that BB will probably get Midi ability sometime…(:cool:), BTW hey deaf, where are you??? (we need you here)!!! ((or are you working on the next FW features for Singular Sounds:D:D:D?))

I hope I could help a little, and please excuse my bad English

Hi Dennis

Thank you for heads up. I also found your thread: “What Midi Start/Stop commands uses BB as master
Now I’ve posted my question to the Livid forums: “How to send midi message for start stop and tap tempo from guitarwing to BeatBuddy (drum pedal)”.
Thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Cheers Måns

My (danish) GuitarWiki: LuftGuitar/#GuitarWing & BeatBuddy

Hi again

Justin from Livid has added my request for being able to send midi start/stop and tempo to the firmware update which is due in October.
Is it possible that BeatBuddy will get more midi capabilities in a future firmware update?
I am thinking of standard functions which are already present when using the pedal like: song forward, changing banks or kits and playing accents.

“After working things out a bit, We are going to do this update much sooner than December.
Be on the lookout for this and some other much requested feature updates in a Guitar Wing Firmware and Editor update in October.”

Cheers Måns Mårtensson

Btw. Sometimes (very seldom though) the BeatBuddy sequencer pedal will start playing when it is paused and I play drum instruments from the GuitarWing.
I don’t think this seemingly random start activation of the sequencer is related to any midi messages from the GuitarWing.
I guess it is the BeatBuddy pedal which is having hickups of some kind.
Is this a known bug?


I have been searching a little bit. Though I don’t use the GuitarWing, I do use Ableton and have noticed as well that sometimes the Beatbuddy will just start playing Randomly. Could it be that a Note Value is programmed to trigger a start? I have been having a hard time finding this information as well.