Which ditto Looper finally.? So confused


I already have beatbuddy and would like to combine it in perfect sync with a Looper. I was thinking of buying ditto x4 but I am so confused by so many opinions that it many cases it will not work.

Of course I would not like to spend too much money for a looper such as boomerang or a ehx product.

So my two options is ditto x4 and ditto X2 jam…

Can I have a clear opinion that beatbuddy will work with no problems with ditto x4… Or the other one I did mention.?

Thanx in advance

Hi Narcsoul, welcome to the forum!

I don’t have experience of these loopers but there is some discussion already on the forum, for example


I know it may be a little out of your price range, but there is no better looper for the BB than the Aeros!

Without wanting to be a fanboy… I’m honestly in agreement with Brennan.

I spent years with a boss RC-30, which I liked very much but was basic, and looked at every high end looper that came out, studying YouTube videos, reading their manuals, expecting to find one that was an acceptable upgrade. None were. I was surprised, in fact, how few could even out perform the basic operation of the RC-30.

The Aeros is the first one that is acceptable. It’s had a few bugs, but I find it’s reached the threshold of acceptance for me now, it out-features all the other loopers by a mile, and I think it can only get better from here if development continues. A particular bonus is the receptive team on this forum. (Watch a few reviews of the boss-10R, which has some fundamental faults, and then realise that boss will never fix them because they simply don’t listen)

I think I’m right in saying that no other looper has simultaneous multi-track, multi-part operation. Which is incredible when you think of where technology is today. It’s like the designers have never heard about songs having different parts.

For me the only downside of the Aeros is that it’s extraordinarily expensive. I honestly considered just getting a laptop/tablet that I would dedicate to the task instead (I bought in the UK where it costs more in pounds than it would in dollars). But let’s be fair: it’s a bespoke, well built device, fun a smaller company that does its one job very very well, that is more robust than any computer would be at a gig. And now that we’re a couple of firmware updates in, the money pain is quickly fading because it’s such a good tool.

My feature wish list: serial and parallel operation; independent channels so I can run guitar and microphone through it; midi quantisation for drums; non-quantised mode for songs that don’t have drums; good visual feedback so I don’t get lost in a song part that repeats; N:M track lengths so I don’t have to bang guitar percussion for 8 bars in advance of an 8 bar verse part; trigger-on-press operation in all the right places (incidentally, RC-30 stop happens on release… Nightmare for timing).

My 2c. Sorry to hijack thread.