Which drum kit for live

I use my BB live a lot live in a band setting. Started with the Standard pro and found the snare to dry. Switched to standard was just okay. Now it seems my band is leaning towards Rock kit so I just turned down the Toms about 3 Db and we will see. Just wondering what other people that play gigs with BB are using. We play blues, rock, country covers. We are leaning more towards getting people to dance or at least tap their feet. LOL We are findingmore gigs that way.

I built a variation on the Standard kit with toned-down toms and a slightly punchier mix on the kick drum. We use that for 90% of our live show. Also occasionally use Brushes, Jazz, and for one song, the Rock kit.

The kit we use is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/71zk5ks96taa51g/Standard_JV_1.0.drm?dl=0

Thanks Joe!

You’re welcome! Let me know how that works out for you. Also, Singular has recently released a new set of standard kits and beats that are a bit more tame than the originals. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look like they might be worth a look.

Just downloaded kit and installed it. Wow. Snare sounds a lot different and your right, its a tighter sound with punchier bass drum. I will see how it does with our Simmons DA 200 that we use for the Beatbuddy tomorrow night at rehearsal. (Simmons is in rehearsal space)

Does “different” = Good"? Let me know.


And, as I said, Singular Also just released new editions of the standard kits.


I use a variation of the brushes kit for 95 percent of my live show. It just sounds more realistic and less canned for a one man band. I want people to hear the drums but not be overwhelmed or focus on them.

I use the rock kit with a much reduced tom sound (still too much for most, but I like them huge live), the snare from the Jazz kit, some modifications to the hats (they’re pretty loud on the rock kit, and probably still a bit too loud in my mix.

I found that that the default cowbell and tamborine were so low that they had to be amplified and re-imported as well…

Here’s a live room recording with the kit with my duo. I use this kit for everything - from pop/rock/country - everything.

Thanks guys. My band learned a few (new for us) songs last night and practiced some other stuff as well. Simmons DA200 drum monitor set up where the drummer would be. I let the band hear a few different kits including Joe’s which I had downloaded and the new standard kit. They all liked the Rock Kit with reduced toms the best to my surprise. New old songs we learned are Have you Ever Seen The Rain, Mary Janes Last Dance, and White Liar by Miranda Lambert. You can see what direction we are going in. LOL Make them dance! BTW: I couldn’t get the Tamoore vid to play.