Which looper will sinc with beat buddy?

Hello I have ordered a beat buddy and would like to get a looper that will sinc with it. Is there one looper that works better than others? I see a previous thread below mine.


It looks like they are using “midi” to connect a BB and a looper. I do have a mac with garage band, but would like to keep things as simple as possible.

I have the Infinity looper and work very fine!
yes you need the BB midi cable to connect with the looper, and a midi male cable as extension
because the BB cable is a female out and you need a male to connect to infinity
you can take a look here (sorry in french but sure that can help you)
you can see the cables


Thanks punkyboy. The infinity looper and bb will talk to each other and stay in sync using the correct midi cable? Pretty sure the bb comes with a midi cable. Seems like the infinity looper had a warmer tone than the other units.

BB does not ‘come’ with a cable but you can buy the midi adapter cable for it for around $15 I think (it uses a two standard midi into one ps/2 type connector) or make your own, there’s a thread on hear somewhere on how to do that.

Thanks the big E. I am pretty sure my order will come with a midi cable. The description said it would. I know there are a few units like the pigtronics looper. TC Electronics, and the boomerang. My question also is which looper is best sound and most compatible with the BB drum machine.

Please bear in mind that the BB Midi Cable is an adapter cable (like mentioned before) and makes no connection between your devices, you will need an additional standard Midi cable (male to male). Or you´ll gonna play “I Can Get No Satisfaction”…

Ok. Thanks Dennis. Is the infinity looper generally regarded as the best sounding and most user friendly looper? Or am i mistaken to assume that it is?

That seems to be the general impression on here although I don’t have one myself.

You probably will not see a hands-down winner. Lot of users like the Boomerang III and the Infinity loopers. They each have their pros and cons. I do not think anyone that actually owns and uses these two pedals will disagree that they both sound very good and work reasonably well with the BeatBuddy. I use the Infinity and like it quite a bit.

My main concern with adding a looper pedal is its ability to easily sync with the beat buddy. Does your infinity seamlessly sync the beat or count with your beat buddy with simple control button use? Or does the boomerang sync easyer to the beat buddy? Or do both loopers sync equally well to the beat buddy? Simple meaning while using the necessary connector cables they talk to each other without outside help and easily sync up.

Can’t speak for the Boomerang III. Perhaps a Rang user can share their thoughts . . . .

For the Infinity, as long as you have the latest firmware versions installed on both the BeatBuddy and the looper, you should be okay. Singular Sound has worked with Pigtronix to sort out most of the issues and there’s a thread on this forum to that effect.

That being said, just because it works today does not mean that a future firmware update won’t cause a temporary hiccup. As soon as you identify the issue on the forum, Singular Sound will try to resolve it. If they have to work with Pigtronix, sometimes it takes a little longer but it usually all works out in the end.

I found this bit of information. It seems there is a seemless integration of the two devices.
Edit: Silly me.

You’re off to a good start on the search. I used Infinity for a search; you can also use Boomerang.


Thanks for the comments. I ordered a open box infinity looper from an online authorized pigtronics dealer. It should arrive next week.