Which midi editor is the right one (for me)

Hello everybody,

the start with the BeatBuddy works very well thanks to the manuals and video-tutorials and not least because of the great support here in the forum. Thanks again for your support!

Today I ask myself the question: Which Midi-Editor is the right one (for me)
I have a basic understanding of Midi, but currently I do not want to invest too much money in additional software (I’m not a Java friend either) but I would like to be able to create beats as well.

What Midi-Editor can you recommend to me?
I am using Windows 10


You have a couple of free or reasonably priced choices for Windows. PreSonus Studio One Prime (free) and Reaper (trial ware). Both have user manuals in German. I’ve tried both and prefer Reaper as it was easier to follow (I also had help from a forum friend).


Any DAW requires some time and effort to learn and what you put into learning it is what you can expect to get from it.

The most versatile and powerful Drum MIDI editor is the one in Cubase and I use Cubase 5 for Drum MIDI editing for my BB !

Here is i clip showing the Drum Editor in Cubase 6.5 which is pretty much the same as the one in Cubase 5

My DAW is Studio One 3 but the Drum MIDI editor is a joke ( and so is the rest of them on the market today IMHO ) in comparison to Cubase since all you have is the piano roll so you have to move around notes only using the mouse instead of keyboard which is a very tedious experience.

Since the BB can be used as a sound module it can be played directly from a DAW.

Just connect MIDI out from your DAW and to MIDI in on your BB and you’re good to go.

Hi Tobbe,
Cubase looks very interesting to me. I already ordered the Midi-Sync Cable for the BeatBuddy.
Can you give me an explanation how I connect my Computer to the Beatbuddy? What kind of cable do I need?
Do I need a special USB-to-Midi Cable? I love the idea to directly use the BeatBuddy that way.

Hi Detguitar !

No need for any special USB-to-Midi Cable is needed !
You use a standard MIDI cable between your MIDI interface output and BB’s MIDI input via the Midi-Sync Cable.

In Cubase you go to MIDI Port Setup and there you see your MIDI interface’s ins and outputs.

If you have a MIDI keyboard you can input notes in real time.

If you like me have a MIDI sync able Looper ( I have the Boomerang 3 which works great with BB ) you can also sync it with your BB via the MIDI out connector from BB.

Hi Tobbe,
sorry for asking more specific. I Have a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 Interface that I use to record my Guitar.
The Scarlet is connected vai USB to my Computer. This Interface has a Midi-In and a Midi-Out. I understand, that I need a standard Midi-Cable to connect the BeatBuddy´s Midi-Input and the Scarlet Midi-Output.

Question: Does this connection work? And how can I “play” the drums in Cubase?
Can I use the Computer-Keyboard or do I need an additional Pianolike Keyboard?
Last Question:How recommendable are the Midi connections? Is there any damage if you swap In / Out?

Hi Detguitar !

The Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 is a very nice interface and it will work perfectly fine for this purpose !

You connect a MIDI keyboard ( I use an ancient DX 7 ) to the MIDI in on the Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 and BB to MIDI out on the Focusrite Scarlet 2i4.

have what they call a virtual keyboard but I have not used it but since a computer keyboard doesn’t have velocity I don’t think it will be a good solution for your needs.

Just get a MIDI keyboard ( or a MIDI drum pad ) and connect it to the MIDI in on your Focusrite Scarlet 2i4

You cannot damage anything by connecting a MIDI cable in the wrong port as people do that all the time !
It’s low voltage.

Hi Tobbe,

ok, then I bought the right version of Focusrite Scarlet Interface :slight_smile:
I put 2 standard Midi-Cables on my shopping list. (Keyboard->Scarlet and Scarlet->Beatbuddy) plus the BeatBuddy Midi-Interface
I see that not every Midi-Keybord also has Midi-In/Midi-Out Connections. Most keyboards use USB today.
I need to make a decission. A small 25-keys Keyboard to use it only for my Drum-Editing or a larger 64-Keys (more expensive one) for possible enhanced use with cubase. Actually I play “only” the guitar :slight_smile:

Hi Detguitar !

I would go for a 64 key keyboard so you wont run out of keys when you’re trying to play all the instruments cause it’s a pain not being able to reach every note when trying to be creative !

I’m not a keyboard player either but it is a great tool for working with editors plus learning more about harmony.

Here is a link to the Cubase 5 manual if you want to have a look:

These exchanges enable BB’s addictive properties. I am intrigued by others’ experience on the road that parallels my own interests and need for knwoledge so much I forget how awkward and antiquated BB behaviors can be. Wait…if SS knows this forum is a shiny diversion for its users they will never feel the pain needed to develop existing product further!

Uh oh. Don’t give SS any ideas. :slight_smile:

Hi Tobbe,
thanks for the manual and the advice to go for 64 keys. I was on youtube this evening and saw what can be done with the Midi-Drum Editor in Cubase. I will sure come back to this discussion with new questions regarding Drum-Sets in Cubase/BeatBuddy to connect the Beatbuddy Drumsets to Cubase. But at first I have to plug it all togehter. :slight_smile:
I also put a Keyboard an Cubase on my shoppinglist.
But I do not know how to explain to my wife that I need all the stuff as a guitarist. :wink:


You’re welcome !

I have no solution for your wife !
Nobody knows how they work and they don’t have MIDI :smiley:

Hi Tobbe,
you wrote that I should connect the BB to the Focusrite Out.
The BB Midi Sync Breakout Cable has two connection - wich one ist the right for this setup?

Focusrite Out > BB In