Which output from beat buddy to Mixer - PA?


which output do you use for best sounding results ? The stereo Headphone output or the 2 left and right outputsfrom the beatbuddy to the mixer/PA ?

Thx a lot

Hey there, both outs are in the order with Line Level signals since the Main L/R outs are ~26Ω and the headphone out is ~600Ω and line level inputs on a PA are around 100-600Ω. But both sets of outputs sound great and will work with a PA setup. The biggest difference is the manual method for controlling the volume.

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I usually connect the left(mono) output via a DI to the PA, it sorts out the impedance matching between the 1/4” jack on the BB and the XLR input on the PA, just remember to turn the effects off on that channel.

The right and left outputs are the ones normally used for a PA/Mixer. Using the mono output is not the best idea, as the BB does not sum the left and right as a normal mono output should. This has been reported to Singular.

Hey there, I don’t think this is working exactly as you expect, are you saying your DI is not a standard Hi Z to Low Z converter? Because the BB main L/R outs are very low Z (~26ohms), which means that when they get to the Hi Z input on your DI input, you are losing level. The one benefit is that the signal is now balanced, however. The problem here is that you’re assuming the BB outs as Hi Z.

It seems to work ok, just as well as plugging into my Behringer speaker or Fender bass amp. Where did you get the spec for the output impedance? I have not noticed a loss of volume using either method.

The spec should be in the manual, if not it will be in the next version of it, but trust me on this one!

Also, your Fender Bass amp technically has the same mismatch because Bass amps are HiZ inputs as well. It’s not that there’s really anything wrong here, you make up for the mismatch with gain on your PA.

Ideally, you will treat the BB like a Keyboard, going into an unbalanced line input using an unbalanced instrument cable (typical instrument cable). But there’s no real downside, just more gain added later.

Unless you use an Aux input on the Bass amp, then that is probably line in. Check the specs for that.

I use the Left/mono channel output from BB into Yamaha 10-channel passive mixer. I’ve connected it into a vocal channel on the mixer (with gain available) and a channel on the mixer without gain available (line in). Both channels give good sound but the channel with the gain available gives me more volume if needed. Output is to powered 15" PA speakers. Better Bass response on the 15" as compared to my 12" speakers. Just an aside fyi.


So the left out is mono? I thought I had issues with the entire mix coming through with panned bass and keys. I think they were from Phil Floods kits. @Phil_Flood?

The BB is marked as left mono, but the left jack when used b6 itself just gives left. If the kit has anything panned right, it won’t come through. This is an internal wiring problem with the BB.

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I use the Left and Right outputs either to line inputs on an audio interface (mixed in the DAW) or line inputs on a mixer. In either case, played into 2 10" PA speakers.

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Hi, new member here having joined to explore the possibility of using a BB into my solo acoustic guitar gigs.

This is the first post I’ve read and if I’ve read it correctly, it seems to raise some fundamental flaws in using the unit.

Does the left/mono output work as it should, or does it only output the left channel in a stereo mix…?

Sorry to come in on a slightly negative issue, I hope I’m reading it wrong…!


It only outputs the left channel in a stereo mix. It does not sum the left and right channels into a single mono channel.

Hi Phil and thanks for the quick reply.

So I guess that the only way to hear the full stereo mix through my pa is to either use the L and R outputs into separate channels on my desk, or use the headphone out. I don’t need or want a stereo feed into my desk.

Is that right…?

We are working on the next version of the BB firmware that is meant to fix this issue, stay tuned it is nearly there!

You can search for a “stereo to mono summing cable.” They are not common and usually are a bit pricey. Or, hang on for that firmware update.

Thanks guys.

I’m going to put Brennan on the spot…!

When is it likely to be available, weeks or months…?


Well, a month is just a matter of weeks…

In all seriousness, we are working alongside the improvements/addition of features in the BBM (needs quite some touching up) which we really need to release together or very close together for the BB update is heavily reliant on the BBM update. The dense nature of BBM code slows this process down but I can tell you it is being actively worked on and tested.

I can’t marry the team to an exact date because they have not given me an exact date, we will be very vocal once we have better news however. Stay tuned!

Thanks Brennan…