Which volume control pedal do you use?

What volume pedals do you suggest? I really like the stereo output so does that obviate using a volume pedal on the output?

More thinking on the volume pedal:

  • Volume is only needed a few times a night to fade out or down and up (Green River) so I’m not eager to pay for top shelf
  • Since I now use stereo outs (thanks to everyone for chiming in on another thread - fully panned L/R is awesome and the needed core beat remains centered in place) maybe a mono pedal (Ernie Ball for $70) with the L in and the R goes direct to board bypassing the pedal. Maybe enough reduction in volume for the purpose?
  • Seems the pedal should be for an active output as well (25k ohm) since BB drives it.
  • Or if a stereo pedal is needed Electro Harmonix makes one for $90. Set for VOL rather than PAN with both lines going through then to the mixer.

I use a product called optionknob. http://optionknob.com

Option knob was a surprise. Very cool but in my case I think I need to stick with a foot pedal since I play bass or acoustic guitar.

[SIZE=4]Decided after this early post to try the [/SIZE][SIZE=6][SIZE=4]Boss FV-30L Foot Volume Low-Z for $100. Stereo and small footprint so for Beat Buddy (even as some reviewers said it has a short throw) should be fine to simply run volume up and down.[/SIZE] [/SIZE]

Follow up after using the Boss FV-30L. Pro: sturdy, small, no power required and clean stereo Con: A bit abrupt as a reviewer said but considering I’ll only use it with Beat Buddy I can flex the volume as the song requires during a fade out/fade in. Keep in fully depressed then rock it back a bit to bring drums down. Some places I hit pause after bringing drum volume down then open it back up so it comes on full when ‘unpaused’. I like it. And that comes from someone who did not want to add more buttons to push beyond the simple guitar pedal and Harmony G I use on vocals (both sparingly). Now I’m comfortable with BB main pedal, its aux buttons and volume pedal. Drummers revenge.