While My Guitar Gently Weeps - TBPK (extended solo version) UPDATED

Updated 5Mar2021 - found some notes and timing issues that needed attention.

As with other files I intend for live use I’m calling this TPBK or ‘two’ press with bass and keys (piano & organ). The tune runs as expected on the first press (Main song in the Intro slot – no count in). I include a loop for extended soloing that as usual automatically follows the main song (in the Main Loop section) and the outro which needs a button push to engage (pretty much a dead stop) – hence the two presses.

Thanks to @Persist for the initial file and the patient assist helping me deal with REAPER vs BBM issues. I did not need to add parts; his initial take is first rate. I did a note check for fit with a favorite kit from @Phil_Flood and some slicing and pasting as noted above for extended soloing.

I use “Press” to start songs and the ’immediate’ setting for ‘cue fill’ on the pedal so the downbeat of the outro comes in when you push in time with the loop phrase finishing.

Drum Kit : Santana Piano and Organ

Includes : Chords and lyrics are as included in an earlier post from Persist.

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