Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy - live use of the Beat Buddy

Hi Folks,

I play in a duo called The Bandeleros and we use the Beat Buddy in our gigs. This was filmed at one of our gigs. The camera did not pick up the sound of the BB that well although on the night it was EQ’ed perfectly fine. I hope you enjoy it.

Warm and scratchy Voice and perfect timing.
But overall: It’s the first time there I listen the Electric guitar at right volume!!!

PS @Electric Player: REMAIN THE SAME!!! :):smiley:

Very nicely done!

Well done!!! We posted it to our Facebook page!

For your next videos, it would be awesome if we could see the BeatBuddy once in a while :slight_smile:

Thank you kind Sir for the share. We really appreciate it.

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Could you please post the Beat Buddy file you used for the song?

The file I use is just a modification of the Country 10 file in the Beatbuddy beats. I dropped the intro and added a count in. I’m not technically minded enough to go writing beats, so the chorus doesn’t have the Brian Downey fills. But this does the job for us. Hope you like it.


We’ve got that song in our set as well… It’s a very, very old song. The first vestiges of the song were heard back in the early 17th century, when the Irish and Scottish peasants would make folk heroes out of the highwaymen that robbed the English nobles. It’s been covered by everyone from Thin Lizzy, to the Grateful Dead, to Metallica.

Thanks for sharing this guys!