White noise after restoring Scan Disc card

Anyone had a problem with white noise coming from the pedal? I had to restore the Scan Disc files after inadvertenly deleting when trying to save a set list. After wrestling with downloading the files from BB website and unzipping files I was able to restore the files to the pedal and the BB manager. Now, I hear a lot of white noise coming from the pedal. Tried the download process again with the same result. The noise is only on the pedal not the BB manager. Also, if I try to download Scan Disc files from the computer directly to the pedal I get message saying “Windows dos not recognize USB device” I needed to use a card reader attached to the computer to download the files. I would appreciate any help out there. Thanks

Hey Joe o_O

To preclude a download that might have been corrupted when you were “wrestling with your download,” download the f/w 1.8.5 again.

Delete (do not reformat the card) all of the files on your SD card and reinstall firmware 1.8.5. Reinsert in your pedal and allow it to update.

Try the pedal again with headphones to see if there’s any noise. You should be able to connect your pedal via USB cable to your computer.

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you. I was able to update the firmware and reinstalled all the files on the pedal card. But, I am still hearing a lot of white noise. When I listen with headphones, the noise becomes louder at 80% plus volume. When connected to speakers it is louder and constant. What else can I do?

Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems, man. Here’s the next steps:

  • make sure you are using the correct power adaptor for your pedal
  • try disconnecting and reconnecting the power to your pedal
  • try installing f/w on a new SD card if you have one
  • if none of these work, contact Support: support@mybeatbuddy.com
    Hope you get it working properly.

I know this an old thread, but I thought I would add to this in case anyone else is suffering from white noise. Through a PA in a professional, ticketed show, this noise is unacceptable.

If you remove the card, the noise stops. Obviously, you need the card to operate.

I have twice solved this problem by isolating the BeatBuddy’s power supply. If you’re using a daisy chain adapter, don’t. At the very least make sure that any shared power supply is properly isolated, like Voodoo Labs gear is. Make sure that non Voodoo Lab power supplies are genuinely isolated. Even if they say they are isolated, check them are have them checked by an electrician. Independent circuits does not necessarily mean the circuits are properly isolated from one other. Some manufacturers make dubious claims.

Ensure that if you are using a properly isolated power supply that it can deliver at least 300mA to the BeatBuddy.

If in doubt, use the supplied BeatBuddy power supply.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this. I was having trouble with white noise from the BB connected to my pedalboard with daisy chained power from a One Spot. I took your advice, switched back to the BB power supply and the noise vanished. Thank you !

Hi all,
to get rid of any noise you need to turn the beatbuddy’s volume knob to max and then adjust the volume on your mixer or PA. I adjust the gain on my mixer so it doesn’t reach the tilt and that way all works perfectly. I used to have a white background noise and some weird electronic buzz when the volume knob on the beatbuddy was at half the volume, but now it’s at full level the noise is gone. If you use the headphones then keep the main volume knob at 100% and do not go above 50% with the Headphone knob, that way you won’t here the noises either.
Hope this helped