White screen BB

Hello everyone I have a problem with my BB, the screen goes white when I change the song (only the name of the song is seen) but it does not start. Does anyone of you know why this happens?

If you have not tried this yet, please do so:

  • Download firmware again and unzip
  • Put SD card into your computer SD slot
  • Delete all files on your SD card
  • Copy newly downloaded firmware files to your SD card
  • From the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), File > Export > Project to your SD card and accept prompt for future synchronizations
  • Eject card from computer
  • With power off on your pedal, insert SD card to BeatBuddy and power up
  • Allow firmware update to complete
  • Try playing songs now

If this does not work, contact Support via e-mail.

Thanks for your reply,
At the moment to solve this I have turned off the pedal board where the BB is and I have turned on again. And the screen has looked good, but I’m worried if this happens in a performance, I will have to do what you say when I have a moment. Thank you.

I have exactly done as you have stated and still my bbm list do not copy on sd card. bbm and bb pedal board are both updated ( and 3.6.0 version)

Ozy, is your problem white screen or can’t get songs from the BBM on to the SD card?

If you can’t get the songs on to the SD card from the BBM, try this:

  • Check that card is not locked
  • If songs play on the BBM, put the card in your computer SD slot reader
  • Use the BBM > File > Export Project to SD card
  • Accept prompt to sync
  • Eject card
  • Power off pedal, insert card, power on
  • Check for folders and songs

If this doesn’t work, search forum for General Disaster Recovery and follow those instructions.

In my case I can say that the card may be in a good position, but still it may not synchronize sometime. It is changed to a new one and everything necessary is installed again.

My problem has started with the white screen. I have made some changes on BBM and File > Export Project to SD card as always done before. This time I have white screen on Pedal board. Then I erase all the files on SD card and download all the necessary files again to SD card. Now on pedal board I have Genre started with 1-Ballad and ending with 26-testing beats which are different then on my BBM Genres…Anyhow still I tray same method BBM > File > Export Project to SD card and not loding to SD card. ( Card is not locked and enough space) I appreciate if any other way to load my gig files to SD card

Only thing I can think of is that you might have tried to use your computer operating system to copy a project to tour SD card.

Let me explain: if you have project “A” open in the BBM but you end up with project “B” on your card, then that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Not saying that this is what you did—but that it explains what could be happening.

Have you tried the General Disaster Recovery instructions yet?