White screen


My BB worked perfectly but today when switching it “on” I just had a white blank screen. Is there anything to do to fix this ?

This sounds like an SD card failure. I would use another SD card, but you can also try your current one as well.

Try to format it, then download both the content and the firmware onto it. Please find them here - http://mybeatbuddy.com/downloads/

Direct links to the most recent files as of currently for your convenience:
Content - https://www.dropbox.com/s/il2ooge0fx0oobx/FINAL Content v120 - SD card files.rar?dl=1
Firmware - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/your-beatbuddy-just-got-more-awesome-firmware-update-version-1-29.1512/

You need to extract both archives directly onto an SD card. When you open your SD card, it should have at least the following items:
DRUMSETS --------------------- folder .
EFFECTS ------------------------ folder . . \ . This is the actual
PARAMS ------------------------ folder . . / . . project content
SONGS -------------------------- folder . /
app.bin -------------------------- file .
boot.bin ------------------------- file . . | - This is the firmware
MLO.bin ------------------------- file . /

Any other files are optional and can be safely removed from SD card.

@Cr0w Is there an error message on the screen, or is it just a blank white screen? What Daefecator wrote above is always a good first step (as this seems to solve the majority of the issues), and it’s also highly suggested that you wipe the SD card clean as well before you put the backup content and the firmware files on the SD card. Keep us posted!

I have no error message. Just a blank screen.

I’ve tried to format the SD, put the content and the firmware update and that’s always a blank screen… nothing happens.

That’s indeed very strange. I remember one user had such an issue, and as far as I recall it was something like a short circuiting.
Can you try using another USB cable?

Also, can you confirm that your BeatBuddy had actually updated the firmware after you had put the files to the SD card?

The screen should’ve been saying “UPDATING BEATBUDDY FIRMWARE” for a moment.

I loaded data to the sd card directly (without the beatbuddy linked to the computer).
I had NO update message - always blank screen.

The last thing to check.

So you’ve loaded the 4 content folders and 3 firmware files onto your SD card without using the BeatBuddy. This is good. Now, when you turn off the pedal power, plug SD card in it, then power it on. What happens next? Blank white highlighted screen?
If yes, please wait 15-20 seconds, then power the pedal off again.
Eject SD card, plug it to your computer. Do the 3 firmware files still exist there?

If still yes, you can try repair the your unit’s firmware like described here - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/lost-power.1398/#post-5268. This will likely help. I had the similar situation, and it revived my BeatBuddy. But my BB screen wasn’t highlighted.

@Cr0w This is very likely to be a defective unit. If you have purchased the BeatBuddy from us, please email support@mybeatbuddy.com to arrange for a replacement. (link this page, and include your order info as well)

The firmware files have disappeared. The still remaining ones are :
app (with no extension), HASH.BCF and MLO (with no extension) and the data directories.

@BeatBuddy Support
I’m contacting you. OK. Thank you.

I’ll try what @Daefecator says. Is it a good idea ?

If firmware files disappeared, it means the firmware update was successful.

But most likely your unit should be replaced.

@Cr0w It’s always a good idea to try whatever might work. Worst case scenario, the proposed solution doesn’t work, and you send your unit back for replacement (which is what you plan to do anyways). If you would like to try to fix it with the solution Daef linked, you may. It will not take longer than 20 minutes.