Who can help me with a tab or midi file from this part of a song

20 years ago I wrote a song.
Someone played the keyboard part for me.
I want to use this part in Logic Pro and many in mij BB.
How can help me with a tab or midi file for this part?
Sample.wav.zip (1.5 MB)

I don’t know how much help this is. I used Izotope RX to split the tracks, and then used Melodyne to convert to midi. I was able to edit the bass into something fairly useful, but I wasn’t going to try to dissect the rhythm part beyond what Melodyne gave me. i played it back with an electric piano plug in, and it sounded pretty good.

Archive 2.zip (3.0 MB)

What you have are the extracted bass and “other instrument” wav files from Izotope RX, and the raw and edited midi files from Melodyne.

Thanks, I don’t have Melodyne. if I remember correctly, that program is too expensive for me (it cost €699,-)
Midi sounds Good!
I only have to find the best software instrument for it.


Melodyne - I think I had a deal from somewhere to get the entry level version, and then every so often they offer upgrades to next the next higher version for a reasonable amount. Eventually, I ended up with Studio, but that last upgrade was expensive.