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I’m new to the Beatbuddy and have been playing around with some of the shared song files. I noticed that some are complete song or backing tracks, if you will. I’m sure theres a thread in the forum on how to create and or load these complete songs on the pedal. Can someone please direct me to the right place. Thanks, Boz


  1. First have Beat Buddy Manager installed and set up on your computer. All movement of files in and out of the Beat Buddy is done with Beat Buddy Manager.
  2. Download the song file. Most song files are zip files containing an .sng file and several extra components which are not necessary for just installing the file. These extra components are usually things like alternate versions of the .sng file, a chords and lyrics sheet, and one or more source midi files. The midi files are for editing, if you want to try your hand at that. Again, they are not necessary for just getting the .sng file going. Some song files are just the .sng by itself. There are a few folders of song files on the forum. These download as pbf files.
  3. To install a song file, select or create a folder in your Beat Buddy Manager song list that will hold the song. Then, from Beat Buddy Manager, go the File>Import>Song. The song will appear in the designated folder. If the drum kit required by the song is already in your BB project, the name of the drumkit will appear after the song name and tempo in Beat Buddy Manager WITHOUT ASTERISKS in front of it. If the drumkit name has ASTERISKS, you do not have the drum kit installed, and will need to get it. In some cases, a very similar kit with a slightly different name could work and you could select that kit, but let’s assume you don’t have the kit.
  4. Search Resources for the kit. You can search or scroll through just the drumkits by using this link:


Click on Drum Kits. When you find the drum kit you need, download it. Most drumkits are in dropbox accounts, as the Forum does not allow posting of files that are as large as drumkits. Download the drumkit. If it is a zip, expand it.
5) Install the drumkit. Just like you did with a song file, from BBM, go to file>Import> Drum Set. The drumkit will get added to the bottom of your Drum Sets list in BBM. There is a box in front of the drum kit name. You need to click that box to make it available for your BBM songs. Once you have the kit installed and active, you can play the song.

If at step 2 above you downloaded a pbf file, that is a folder full of songs. Installing it is relatively similar. You don’t select a folder, as it is a folder. From BBM go to File>Import>Folder. The folder full of songs will get imported. If you have one of more songs without available drumkits, go back to step 4.


Creating - see attached.

Thanks Phil…this is awesome help…

Hi Phil.

Thank you so much for this information.

Apologies if this post is wrong in any way but I am totally new to this or any online forum.

I have managed to import a couple of full songs using BeatBuddy Manager that require me to use the NP Electric Jazz Trio XRp drum kit from the resources section in the old forum. I have managed to locate your Dropbox download for this kit on the old forum resources section which I believe is where I should get it until SS have the space for you to upload to the new forum.

Unfortunately when I click the blue download button it goes to your Dropbox but tells me ‘That file isn’t here any more’.

Of course I am a new member of this forum and as so cannot register on the old one.

Perhaps I am missing something but any assistance with this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks. Dave.

Phil Flood mentioned in a previous post that his kits are temporarily offline as he does some retooling.