Why are Beats stored as Songs?

A silly question after all these years. Why does singular categorize/store beats as “songs” given the difference between the two. Manager has the beats under the songs tabs. The Drums tab is self-explanatory for the kits – I get it. The pedal have them under “folder". Am I asking a new late in the game question for which there’s no turning back to make a design change? It’s one of those observations I make when comparing the naming convention and categorization in other beat related products. There’s a difference between a beat and a song, agree?

Great question. When Singular Sound first started out with the BeatBuddy (BB), they called the default content beats but then they changed it to songs. Why? Probably because the default content could be loosely construed as structured in sections. My opinion is that unless it has a name and an artist, it’s just a beat and the beats all form part of a giant erector set or Lincoln logs (to build something with).

What drives the question for me, besides noticing how other products refer to Beats vs. Songs, is the recent idea of the Loader software giving folks the ability to organize the content on the pedal. It’s unlikely this discussion will bolster any change to have separate Beats and Songs folder,s but of course we can create our own Songs folder. But, it would be nice to see a separate Songs tab in the manager and pedal. My two cents.