Why do I have missing fills?

I’ve had a Beatbuddy for a little while, but was just using it as-is out of the box for jamming. I did a firmware update yesterday and everything went fine, I loaded a few new drum sets and some songs from the resources section, all good for the most part. However, when I look at some of the songs, there are missing fills, transitions, and accents for some of them. I can browse through the BB manager to select a midi file, but where is this midi file supposed to come from?

Are these missing because I don’t have a specific drum kit installed? Under the premium content demos, demo-1 which needs the standard pro kit (that I don’t have yet) is missing almost everything except for the intro and outro fill. If I buy the standard pro kit, do these get populated?

I do not believe that you have missing files. You have a demo file that is demonstrating a particular beat. In many cases, field are left emplty when importing songs. These are not usually a missing song section. Sometimes there is just nothing there, or parts are consolidated. For example, when I build songs for the Beat Buddy, I do not want to be having to play a tap dance with the pedal throughout the song. I try to break the song down into three parts: 1) a section that I will jam on top of, which loops multiple times, 2) everything in the song before that section, 3) everything in the song after that section. I then load 1 as my “main” loop, 2 as my “intro,” and 3 as my “outro.” The fills and transitions are in there, but they have already been consolidated into the larger parts. I believe what you have with the demos are consolidated version of the beats you would get with those other packages.

As to your question about midi files, they are already in the Beat Buddy, but are now .bbt files. You can right click song section in Beat Buddy Manager and an option to save or export that section as midi is available. you can then select that and tell BBM where to save the midi file. Note that in my experience, the midi that comes out of BBM is not the same that goes in. Notes on the exported file are typically shortened to minimal lengths, as would be appropriate for strictly drum hits. Longer notes, such as those used for bass parts would ahve to be editied to be longer in your DAW.