Why does BBM start to play on the 3d beat?

I don’t understand why in the beatbuddy manager, the virtual pedal begin to play on the third beat when i make a midi file ( in 4/4) on logic X.
It happens only when i put it in the intro fill .
Thanks a lot for your help … ( BB is a new thing for me)


Your midi file needs to have something going to the end of the last measure. If it doesn’t, BBM will take the dead space at the end of the last measure and move it to the beginning of the phrase. In your intro section, extend the final drum hit to the end of the last measure. Your file will then play as intended.

Thanks a lot for your answer., Phil.Now, the midi file work with beat buddy…

I have another issue … I work with wave file that contain some drums and bass really played by myself.
i cut the wav file and take on my BB .It work good with intro fill , main loop .
With outro fill , no sound ( i think everything is correct , midi file that drive the audio file etc…)
Do you know what’s matter ?

I do not know. Is the wave file less than 3.7 mb? If it is larger than that, BB will not let it be used as a sample.

One other thing to try is to export the midi part from Beat Buddy Manager and see if there is a long amount of dead space before reaching any notes. I have that happen sometimes in Logic Pro X, if I export a midi file from its location in a song without first dragging it to the beginning of the song. If I, for example, export an 8 bar midi part that began on bar 30, Logic Pro X will automatically add 29 blank bars to the beginning of my midi file.