Why DOP, OPB ... ?

Hi all

First of all thanks to all contributors and I do not intend to criticize anyone in any case.

However I am frustrated with what I find most of the time. For info I am a new user of this fantastic tool.
I understand that sometimes it might help to have one track (DOP, OPB, …) for the whole song but it turns the BB into a basic midi file reader.

I would rather prefer having all features separated (into, outro, fills, …) so I could personalize my play and really use the pedal for what it has been designed.
I was only able to find a limited number of songs using this format. Maybe they are named differently?

Thanks for your support


Welcome to the great philosophical debate about OPB vs default format. Great question and I don’t take it as criticism. I initially had the same reaction when starting out with the BeatBuddy—it’s so much more than just a karaoke tool. And then I started learning how to transcribe MIDI source files and found out that doing so for the BeatBuddy in a traditional song format is not as easy as it sounds. I provide one-press songs because it is much simpler to do so. In many cases, it already takes quite a bit of effort to transcribe a MIDI source file into an OPB song. I don’t have the time and I lack the skills to break a source file down into the more traditional Intro-verse-chorus-bridge-outro format. Making matters even more challenging is that the source files I find and use don’t always lend themselves to being easily broken down into that format. If I sequenced my own MIDI source songs maybe it would be easier.

Guitar Stu and a few others tailor their efforts to suit their own performing requirements but he doesn’t normally take requests. He has shared some of his efforts though and you can find them here on the forum.

Other than buying the premium songs sold by Singular Sound, your other options would be to ask for songs in non-OPB format. If you have the time and patience, you could also try to transcribe songs using a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Thanks ! Clear and understood.
In the meantime I have found a few sng songs that I could use.
I will keep on searching and try to plauy with a MIDI editor like Aria Maestosa or Beatbuilder

You can also use the beat matching tool that’s here on the forum. Some users do a fine job of assembling songs in default format using a mix and match approach using the stock beats by genre . If these don’t suit you, Groove Monkee also has a nice selection in BeatBuddy format.

Some users have found how to edit MIDI in GarageBand and have a workaround to export to MIDI. Although Aria Maestosa and BeatBuilder are good tools to start with, they may serve to whet your appetite for a DAW like Reaper or PreSonus Studio.

Arranging a song in a performance method that suits the way you operate is a very personal thing and is different for everybody, producing one particular format structure may be unsuitable for another user. In recognition of that fact I always include the source file for the song as part of the package to enable the end user to customize as they see fit.

I use the BeatBuddy in both formats depending on what/whom I’m playing with at the time

Yes who wants to play the songs exactly the same anyway?rhetorical question ,but hey we are all different.I prefer to put a different slant on songs otherwise you should just do karaoke and play to backing tracks.Its the the same with the bass thing just seems a bit cheesy.Rather have sections seperate so as to arrange them as wanted.

I raise the crucifix to the “K” word. It Burns! I see where you are coming from but what I do is so far and away different from karaoke. I modify midi files and also create them from scratch. I’ve made SNGs for my own songs. I also do not use any chords or lyrics on stage and that’s for my current set list pool of songs which is at around 170. I pull rhythm and lead guitar duties as well as singing in my one man show. Since the advent of the electric guitar, (which nearly got Dylan lynched when he picked one up) technology has been invading the music biz. I specifically asked some people who were asking how it all works at a gig, “Would you rather listen to just guitar, just guitar and drums or is it okay with you that I have programmed it to fill out the entire spectrum?” Everyone said that if it is better to let it all into the mix. The purists will always get their undies in a bunch about something. Me included. But to keep the cost down, the scheduling issues with multiple members out of the mix and still have a big sound, I am sticking with the BB OPB. I did 30+ years with a 4 piece band and while I miss the camaraderie, I enjoy the total control I have.

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Agree all around with Mr Jacobson’s sentiments. Interesting division on this forum it seems viewed over the 2+ years I’ve become a BB addict coupled with my own developing appreciation as we adopted it. Some folks are deep into MIDI, some are happy enough to play all pre-packaged songs all night and some are adamant about avoiding the shadow of karaoke in any form. I’m more the latter group.

BB replaced our last drummer as we morphed into a trio (hence the name Shaemus we gave it at least initially) at the suggestion of a guitarist who had ‘read about it somewhere’. I’m not interested in going back to a solo/duo gig and the trio fits in enough rooms allowing a wider diversity of vocals, harmonies, instruments for a ‘reasonable’ fee (really I’m fortunate that is not a driving force!)

I thought this artificial drum would work to broaden the appeal of our sets using it on a handful of songs. Certainly tidy up our timing. I was at first leery of adding the outboard 2 button device but less keen to double tap the main. BB became instantly indispensable. We use it on all but a couple of songs - those are the purposeful exceptions now. The wide variety of kits folks have crafted make subtle but meaningful changes as needed for any given song. I don’t think much about functions live anymore (Pause/unpause, tap in to restart with a fill, outro, etc) since the parts flow so well in what we do and even the occasional misstep often is useful and recoverable in real time.

Thanks to some fine work (for instance Phil Flood’s ‘Willin’ and Phil’s ‘Black Magic Woman’ which we do live now) I now am now considering laying out some serious money (Mac Mini and Logic Pro X) to craft MIDI to our own needs (with some advice from very competent folks here like Persist and Phil Flood). Its interesting to have the gorgeous sound of the ‘Big Bose’ underneath our guitarists lead or to experiment with 2 basses (hey John Coltrane did it) with me playing live against the recorded bass and of course to have layers of congas and bits of Hammond to spice things without ironing the life out of it.

Not surprising is it that music being a creative rather than a static process demands that you walk a fine line between weaving in additive static elements and not stifling the live energy. We even capture some recorded intros from the original (about 10-12 secs to play to set up a song - Ozzie’s ‘Crazy Train’ and to start Pink Floyd’s ‘Breathe & Time’). You have to ask yourself “are we crossing the dreaded ‘K line’ or creating music”. Being human we have enough off-nights when its ‘show time’ all by ourselves so helpful electronics are welcome.

I am in the same mind set, do not like, or care for the one press drums. Now I know that many here use that, and that is great, but to me it takes away the creativeness of playing a song, also i can use the same beat and play 2, 3 different songs in a row without stopping the drums, and without having to worry how a song is programmed for a certain song, esp, if you have a great dance crowd going, in the One press your screwed. But then again not everyone likes chocolate.

Ain’t it grand that it can be used both ways? We all win!

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my question is do I have to scroll through all the resources just to find the non-opb versions of stuff? All I really want is the drums, not some midi synth keyboard sound ect. I appreciate the work, but not for me at all. Just the drums and then transitions when I want them…

You can try searching for DOP songs but they are one-press. The forum software doesn’t handle 3-letter searches. You could try DOP, OPB as a search term and it will work for some but not all users. Although I like the flexibility of choice between one-press and traditional songs, it is much easier to render one-press than traditional. In the time it takes me to do a traditional song, I can probably knock out several one-pressers as DOP, OPB and OPBk.

Not to offend at all, each has their own way of doing things and it is art after all, but I jam ALOT. One press stuff limits me severely…if I’m understanding correctly what it is. I’ve been downloading some stuff and am currently performing daily with the BB. Some files I’ve found are excellent but when it follows a pattern and I can’t choose the transition it’s really constraining. I guess I’ll keep looking.

Most of the Non One Press songs were saved in resources much earlier. Whether they have been re-added or restored… I don’t know. There are probably a lot of them still in the Beats thread.I still have some songs that I like to transition through, but most are the One Press. I completely respect every one’s preferences to the BB.

I mean my understanding is the website went down or something and the content was re-uploaded, so the early non press stuff is likely gone since it isn’t as popular I suppose.

Here are my tutorials for writing all your own parts using BBM