Why even have the delete all function?

At least make an option to disable it. If I want to delete my song I can do that from the song menu. Why make it something I can do accidentally every single time I try to arrange a mix? I’ve been using this device for the past week and continue to make this mistake every single night. I realize I could be an idiot but I don’t know of an application where it would ever be useful. Especially performance wise. What a nightmare that mistake would be live!

I understand I nshould back up literally every single thing I record on this device and I plan to if I continue to use it. I wish it wasn’t that way though. I wish I could just feel safe when I record something. Every session has been a wash.

Yes please just have the delete function in the song menu, I have accidentally deleted a recording on numerous times.

I use delete all as an easy way to create a “new song” hands free.

Also it’s a way to get around the “can’t delete the flubbed next part and have it start recording after the transition from the first part” issue.

Delete requires holding one button and pressing another button. Am I missing another way that is easier to accidentally delete?


Dont understand you have to hold the play button down and select delete all …its 2 seperate movements isnt it

Yeah, not understanding how people are accidentally deleting songs, I use this feature all of the time, leave it as is.

I’m just proposing please make an option to disable it. My problem is I made the accident of getting into the habit of using it in the first place when I was attempting to record my first tracks. Now if I accidentally hold stop too long or just do it without thinking, my brain just goes into idiot auto pilot and wants to do whatever it can to get out of the prompt and I just click yes and there is no forgiveness for this mistake. It would be cool to also have an undo for delete all, or just not have it auto save. It’s a rather destructive feature to have so accessible - at least for me.

Unfortunately, I am going to say what you don’t want to hear, we won’t be exploring this feature, we don’t see a benefit of disabling delete.

We are planning on changing the delete function, as outlined here, however.

For now, my best advice is to try your best to retrain that foot!

I will move this issue to the proper place, and then tag as #considered, thank you for your feedback.

If you save to the sdcard, you can insert that into your computer and use an undelete program that works at the file level. There are many tools and many are free. Just make sure you undelete before you write more songs to the sdcard as there’s the chance of overwriting the deleted files. I’ve tested this, and it works.

Is there an update to the above approach? There had been a lot of talk so the current plan is not clear. Also any update on when this might be started or released?

Also, hopefully the delete all is not too hard to get to. I tend to use it a lot.

We are practically sticking to what is outlined in the first post, and we want to explore some of the more complicated suggestions later on. Namely, a secondary scrollable menu that allows hands-free access to a lot of other things. This is technically still in it’s idea/sketch stage, so once we get to working on it it may change as we flesh it. As to when, we plan on looking into memory and the hands-free mode in the upcoming wifi releases after lock tracks, most likely memory first but that will depend on LOE from dev.

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