Why I cant setup Aeros as master of Beatbuddy?

I am already a common user of BB as master of Infinity Looper, which will be using the OUT Midi break cable into the Midi input of Infinity.

It is my second day using Aeros and already figured it out to work in the same way with BB.

I already read the Aeros Manual and the Quick start guide, but I can not make the Aeros work as master of BB, which will be the opposite as mentioned in the beggining of this post. (using the IN Midi break cable into the Midi Output of Aeros)

I have not changed anything on the Midi Out settings of the BB, and the same for the Midi In settings.

What can I be missing?

Thanks for your help!

The Midi feature is not quite done. While there is some support today for the Aeros as a MIDI slave, SS is still working on the MIDI implementation.

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Here we are in April and there is no using the Aeros as master with the BeatBuddy. Timeline known?

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Hello, yes the Aeros still cannot do this, but we hope to have a release including MIDI clock and MIDI master capabilities. We have recently re-visited our timeline, and will have a more concrete one to share once we finish this next imminent release, 3.1.x.

We apologize for the delay, we too hoped we’d have master capabilities by now, the Aeros has proven a challenge to reign in, but we are so close!