Why no Praise and Worship subforum?

Love my BeatBuddy but can’t understand why Singular still hasn’t created a subform for this type of music, as it is probably one of the biggest user bases for the pedal. I understand that songs and lists are sprinkled here and there but not easy to find, so it would be great if it could be consolidated. I spend most of my time on the Facebook BeatBuddy Worship users forums instead for this very reason, where there is a dedicated file section for it.


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We live here…


Totally agree! Missing a HUGE opportunity.

Plus maybe an Atheist section & a Muslim section :(:)? But seriously, isn’t ‘praise & worship’ more a description of the people making that kind of music rather than an actual style of music like ‘rock’ or ‘pop’ etc.?

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Spirit in the sky is in the forum :wink:

There is an entire page for listings. btw

Seeing this new thread started and the crass and off the cuff response, I had to think about my response for a couple of days. First, I think a category titled Christian Music would be better than Worship and Praise. Why a separate category, because it is another genre. Rock music genre consists of many subcategories such as hard, classic, soft, southern, etc. The Blues genre consists of traditional, rock, funk, Texas, etc. The Country genre consists of traditional, rock, pop, Red Dirt, etc. The Christian genre consists of rock, pop, metal-core, hip hop, etc. So if one put all the “rock” songs in the rock category, then good luck finding that country rock tune you were looking for, thinking it would be in the country music section. See what I’m getting at. So, yeah, I think Christian Beats should be one of the categories. I would definitely post them here then. Currently, I’ve only posted them to the BeatBuddy Worship facebook page. If there are other worship groups out there, then a Christian Beats category in this forum would be great way to consolidate all them.

I see what you are getting at, and I understand your indignation at the original response. But, really, we shouldn’t post ANY songs in the beat subcategories that are set up herein. They should all be posted in Resources. If you want to have a link to a song in Resources from this topic, or from some future Christian Beats topic that gets posted, that would be fine. But the songs, ought to be in Resources. Why? Because then you can search for and find the song. Example, I just posted Stormy, the cover by Santana. Well, its originally by the Classics IV, should I call it Rock or Pop? It’s by Santana. Does that make it Latin? It’s become a standard jazz jam, is it a Jazz?

We don’t have subgenres categories for very much. I guess you could argue metal and punk are subgenres of rock, but really, if you look at what categories we do have, it’s about the kits that would be used for the types of music shown. Is there a standard Christian kit? You kind of answered that yourself.

So the beats groups are for stuff about the different drum kits. Got it. Resources are for created songs. Got it. I’ll get those Worship beats up and posted some time in the coming week.

The topic of “Praise and Worship” is not so much about the music that is played, in other words the beats that are needed. As someone else already pointed out “Christian” music actually has many sub genres. Really anything in any style that speaks about the Christian lifestyle can be considered “Christian music.” Anything in any style that focuses on worshiping God is “Praise and Worship”.

“Worship Leaders” have some unique issues to deal with when they are leading worship that make the BeatBuddy a very good tool. Here are a few that I can think of:

[]It’s common for a worship leader to repeat a verse or chorus “as the spirit leads”. If the congregation is getting into it, and the worship leader feels like repeating the chorus a few more times at different intensities, or even “voices only”, s/he can do it easily with a BB beat whereas a one press song doesn’t give you this on the fly flexibility.
]It’s common for a worship leader to need someone to lead the congregation in the hand claps - 2 and 4, or 1 and 3 - so that the congregation doesn’t get confused. By carefully assigning hand claps or tambourine hits as accents, a worship leader can cue the congregation.
[]Worship leaders might play vastly different styles of music in one set. A set might start with basically a rock/pop style (Chris Tomlin), then go into something in 3/4 or 6/8 (David Crowder), then finish on an odd metered hymn or a 2/4 Celtic rock (Rend Collective) song. The BB can handle all of these, but out of the box support for 3/4, 6/8, 2/4 or “free” rhythms is not very good and how to handle these songs is a topic that often comes up.
]Some songs ask for nothing more than a “stomp box”, or tambourine, or shaker to go along with someone else who might be playing cajon, or tambourine, shaker with you THAT WEEK. How do you handle that? It’s common for the worship team to change from week to week, except for possibly the worship leader.