Why when I edit a MIDI file outside of BB it doesn't play?

I downloaded “I Wish” that Persist uploaded. It is a fantastic version of the song, however, it is a one button push song, which I never use. I thought I would simply cut out the main beat of the song (some number of measures) to use as a loop-able phrase in the BB. I used Presonus Studio One to edit. The edit works perfectly in Studio One.

When I export the midi file and load it into BB I hear nothing. What am I missing? Using the built in editor is not an option for me…it is not very user friendly.

Is it a mapping issue? General Midi?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing, but if you just cut the beginning of the midi, and then exported what was left, BB is seeing all that blank space at the start of the midi. Try this. Do you edit, then, create a new track and paste the part you want to the beginning of the track. Then, save that track as a midi, and use it in your BB song.

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Thanks for the idea! I actually ended up trying Reaper doing the same process and it worked fine…so I am happy for now. Thanks for the quick reply.

Anyone else using Studio one for editing and creating Midi Files I did the same thing created the file and than exported it to midi with no empty spaces I loaded it into a song with BeatBuddy Manager and it it all seemed to play fine when I syncronized that to my BeatBuddy it does not play. Also I found that when I try to edit the Midi in the Manager it does not have some of the beats that are playing showing in the editor? and when I play it in the editor those notes are not playing? Not sure whats up. Any one using Studio with success I would love your feedback. Don’t really want to pick up another DAW.

It was user error. My studio one works fine for creating and exporting midi files I had made my drum track and loaded it to the intro and had intro turned off. All good.

Thanks for sharing how you sorted it out.

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