Wifi Connected / No Internet

I am able to connect to my WiFi - but Aeros says “Wifi Connected / No Internet”
My router is definitely connected to the internet and I have several devices (i.e. phone, laptops, etc) connected.
Anybody had this issue?
Is there a fix?

Typical troubleshooting check, but are you sure you’re connected to the same WiFi as your devices? I ask because I have a WiFi printer and sometimes my devices mistakenly connect to the printer which has no internet.

Although I’m within 5’ of my router, I constantly get “No Internet” but what has worked for me is to turn the AEROS off, wait a minute or so and then turn it back on. This afternoon it took me 4 times before the pedal displayed Server Connected.

Yeah I did the latest update yesterday. Logged onto WiFi no worries and did the update. When it restarted I got the same, WiFi connected bu no internet.

Turned it on again today and still got the same.

I’m definitely not connected to my printer.
I’ve turned it off then on many times, but still not connecting to the internet.
Sounds like this is a flaw with the unit.
Anybody from SS have an answer for this?

Best to contact support@singularsound.com

FWIW, I’ve never had a problem connecting to my Wifi and the server, but last night, that’s exactly what happened. It connected to Wifi but it wouldn’t link to the server, so I restarted the Aeros and it eventually connected. I’m wondering if it was something on their end, but still best to contact support as Persist mentioned.

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As a data point… Me too.

My experience is exactly as @persist describes.

It’s not been a big deal for me, I just carry on using it until one day I get offered an update, but it’s definitely flakey.

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